Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mason's Picture in Paper....AGAIN...And the article is not even ABOUT him!

You can see Mason on the upper left hand side next the the Heading County Best.
If you click on the pictures, you will get a larger view.
But, it is not about him! It is about how how we have the best athletes in the County and the coaches that have worked hard to train these great kids to be the best.

This page shows the top athletes in their sports. We have to point out that he is the only athlete that is Number one in 2 sports, Track and Cross Country.

We thought is was funny, but, you can tell we are a bit...okay, hugely, narcissistic about it! But, since HS is over, I doubt we will be seeing his picture in the paper anymore. So, we had to get in our last hurrah! Gosh, we are so vain! Since the pictures are a bit hard to see…I am posting it below.

Now the challenge is getting him to ASU before practice starts!