Saturday, August 30, 2008

How scary is that?

Well, Mason's first couple of weeks at ASU have gone well. He had fun at camps and enjoyed his classes and teachers. I think he misses us since he calls a LOT. But, it could be he just wants us to send him more things. Which we did just the other day. Cost a pretty penny for 3 big boxes!

We sent more sheets and blankets, his stereo, guitar for his game and I snuck in a few little surprises like some of his favorite cookies, SnickerDoodles, and a couple other things.

He had his check up with the sports doctor at ASU. Remember me telling you all that he was playing on a bad leg that showed a pending possible fracture on MRI while he was in the beginning of his track season at Sehome?

Well, it did fracture! Then continued to run in districts and state. He was so lucky it was not worse, he could have have a pin placed. How scary is this? But, the new MRI showed the fracture has healed and he is in good shape for the Cross Country season. I hope that he does not have any further problems with it! Imagine how well he did on the bad leg, breaking records and winning state. Now imagine how much better he will do since it has healed! Go Mase!

We are completely moved into the new house. I still have pictures to take but, have been almost bed ridden because of my legs giving out. But, soon, real soon I will take some pictures to post for you all to see. We just love it so much and are so blessed to have gotten it. It was almost a miracle in how we found it and was able to negotiate it. Now comes decorating and doing some remodeling, gardening, etc. Things I love to do and hope my body lets me! So far it is save, save, save, so we can do what we want to decorate and put in a fence the way we want. Time to start selling some things, garage sales and selling some crafts. Who says I am not resourceful?

I am resting up now and will post pictures and such the next time! Here is the front of the house that was taken before we moved in.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dreams come true and Prayers are answered.

It was the 11th hour and 59th minute! Papa and Mason had to get in a couple more bits of information to the NCAA to hopefully get them to approve Mason’s scholarship to ASU and participate in Running track. Something he has been working so hard and done so well in. He even worked hard on his grades to get on the Honor Roll this his last Semester!

We were prepared to wait, like they told us. We knew we would have to send Mason to ASU, and most likely have to pay to bring him home once the NCAA made their final decision if they determined that he did not meet their guidelines. But, it is something we are willing to risk, in fact, we were doing everything they asked us to do to try and get his clearance, and more but the NCAA was being obstinate. We had a prayer chain going from all over the world so that the Good Lord would help the NCAA see that Mason was worthy of the chance.

And it worked. Papa and I cannot stop crying because there are no words to express how happy this makes us! For our son to have this chance means everything to us and Mason is so happy to be getting what he has wanted and worked for the last couple of years! There are no words to express our gratitude to all that prayed, Suzanna from the ASU compliance office and Julie from Sehome who worked diligently to get all the paper work from the school and to the NCAA so that they would make the right decision!

Our house closed on Thursday, so we have our new home and are moving, then Friday we got the email that Mason was all cleared for landing and attending ASU. Wow! We are truly blessed with all that has gone on. Just when we think all is lost…it is found once again! We are jumping, and crying with joy and we wanted to be sure to let all of you that have helped know how much we appreciate your help and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of our heart and soul!

I have never seen my son so happy, not to just be able to move out, but, to have the opportunity to do what he has wanted for years now, attend college and participate in sports. And he does so well and is so motivated to do even better by hopefully doing well enough to take it all the way to the Olympics.

Next, well, it will be trying to pay for all this. Getting my craft room together and making great art pieces to sell to support this venture. Then it will be keeping up with all of Mason’s accomplishments as a runner at ASU and hopefully maybe be reporting on his venture to the Olympics! Got to have a goal!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Catch up

How long has it been? Way too long.
I cannot tell you how busy and stressful it has been with the purchase of the new home and getting Mason to ASU. Little did we know the brick walls that were being built up each time we were trying to knock one down!
If it was not the NCAA refusing to give Mason clearance to attend ASU, it was having the appraiser not clearing the loan due to suspected rot around the chimney on the house.
Now, even though we have not broken through all the brick walls yet, it looks a little more promising for both.
We will be moving in, even if the house does not close which makes it less stressful and less costly then having to stay here and give notice, etc. And we will have Mason and Papa still here to get things moved since my arms have pretty much stopped working right from all the work I have done already, which is not much!
So, this week, we will be moving in! and a few days after, Mason will hopefully be off to ASU.
We don't know yet, if Mason will actually be attending ASU, since it is still up in the air on whether the NCAA will consider the classes he took as eligible. Sehome told him to take these other classes instead of the classes he originally signed up for, and told him they were NCAA eligible, but, in fact were not. The school put them on the list to be eligible by NCAA guidlines, but, it is not on the NCAA's list!, hence the fight to have them added, and in the meantime getting Mason a waiver to attend the University, untill the NCAA makes their final decision. Talk about taking it to the very end!
Mason might take off for school, then have to turn around and come home if the NCAA decides they will not accept his class credits. What makes it really a pisser is that Mason made the Honor Roll, on top of taking the bad advice from his own school, so he, through no fault of his own, might suffer a huge loss due to other peoples negligence. And of course, since we can't apply for financing until they clear him..we have to pay out of pocket for everything in order for him to get to ASU, while they are still deciding his fate.
How do you do this when you are a single income family, and trying to buy your retirement home at the same time? The house was suppose to close a month ago...and so we are down to the wire on this closing date too, we might have to extend this date out also! So, we will be moving in, thanks to the sellers, before we close so the men will not be gone when everything closes and we need their strength to move everything over in time.
Yes, we are hiring movers, but, we are doing all the small stuff. We also started early and have a lot of stuff in Storage already. It should go easy with having only to move minimal stuff and worry about the storage stuff later.
We are at the new house daily, and watching the new siding and chimney go up. We went yesterday hoping to tour around and not be a nuicense to the workers, knowing that they were not going to work on Sunday...but, they were there!! We were happy to see that they were there and trying to get it done, but, felt bad they saw us! Hope they don't think we are trying to pressure them...poor guys!
I am a lot calmer and not having panic attacks like I was. Never had panic attacks until this last month! They are wicked! The roads I take have never been easy, but, for some reason everything turns out they way it should. We just keep the prayers going and keep working as hard as we can.
I am sending every one that has been praying for us a huge hug and thank you for all your prayers. We have recovered from failure from the first sale, even though it was rough seas there for a while, the prayers got us what we needed and found us another, much better home! Even though it has been a very rocky road, it all seems to be turning out. I am sure it has been everyones faith and prayers and we really appreciate it!
Next time I post we will hopefully be settled into the new home and Mason will be at ASU! Keep the prayers going and hopefully I will be posting pictures of our new house!