Saturday, August 30, 2008

How scary is that?

Well, Mason's first couple of weeks at ASU have gone well. He had fun at camps and enjoyed his classes and teachers. I think he misses us since he calls a LOT. But, it could be he just wants us to send him more things. Which we did just the other day. Cost a pretty penny for 3 big boxes!

We sent more sheets and blankets, his stereo, guitar for his game and I snuck in a few little surprises like some of his favorite cookies, SnickerDoodles, and a couple other things.

He had his check up with the sports doctor at ASU. Remember me telling you all that he was playing on a bad leg that showed a pending possible fracture on MRI while he was in the beginning of his track season at Sehome?

Well, it did fracture! Then continued to run in districts and state. He was so lucky it was not worse, he could have have a pin placed. How scary is this? But, the new MRI showed the fracture has healed and he is in good shape for the Cross Country season. I hope that he does not have any further problems with it! Imagine how well he did on the bad leg, breaking records and winning state. Now imagine how much better he will do since it has healed! Go Mase!

We are completely moved into the new house. I still have pictures to take but, have been almost bed ridden because of my legs giving out. But, soon, real soon I will take some pictures to post for you all to see. We just love it so much and are so blessed to have gotten it. It was almost a miracle in how we found it and was able to negotiate it. Now comes decorating and doing some remodeling, gardening, etc. Things I love to do and hope my body lets me! So far it is save, save, save, so we can do what we want to decorate and put in a fence the way we want. Time to start selling some things, garage sales and selling some crafts. Who says I am not resourceful?

I am resting up now and will post pictures and such the next time! Here is the front of the house that was taken before we moved in.

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