Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WE WON!!!!

Hey Michele, It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as a Grand Prize winner in the Foster’s Wine Estates “How Green Can You Go” campaign!! Congrats, you’ve won an e-Moto Metro High Performance Electric Scooter! IMPORTANT: If we do not receive your reply by 3pm PT, June 21, 2009, your prize will be forfeited and an alternate winner will be selected. We’ve attached some official prizing documents that you’ll need to fill out and return within 10 days (7/3/2009). Prizing generally takes 4-6 weeks to complete. If you do not receive your prize within this period, please notify One more thing! Could you please tell us what color you would like your e-Moto Metro High Performance Electric Scooter to be? Please choose from red, blue, yellow, or silver. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Thanks, Brickfish Prizing Thanks to all of you that voted on My Post `and All the Brickfish Members that also voted daily on my Entry "Privileged to Share Their World" ! It was One of the 10 grand prize winners chosen to win the "e-Moto Metro High Performance Electric Scooter" sponsored by Foster's Wine Estates! Ten winners, were selected by Foster’s Wine Estates Americas Company from the top 250 highest scoring entries. Only 120 entered from 4 NW States. Their Family includes "Beringer", "Meridian Vineyards" and 'Chateau St Jean Sonoma." When I wrote this Blog, I was kinda wondering who else won, but, they had not posted the winners yet. Now they have! I am so glad they also picked the gal in second place, she is very deserving! But, I sent in my email first thing this morning since they wanted it by tomorrow. Boy, glad I checked it today! Usually I am not interested to use the computer on the weekends! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has supported me during this campaign on! Including our little critters that have welcomed us into their home and who come visit me in the yard AND house. I have to watch the cats now since the third bird that flew into the house got caught by Bastet, our Russian Blue and feisty then ever cat! The huge Blue Cardinal was ok, but, I think Bastet was a little traumatized since she is an indoor cat! We picked out the Blue. or should I say "Papa" did. Mason is excited and I hope it is here while he is visiting. Both Mase and Sarah are excited and Papa is ecstatic!
We had a long talk with Mason about him taking the Scooter to College. It is going to cost a fortune to send it down and he wants to be able to take a bunch of things with him for his new apartment we also cannot afford to ship down, or give him money to buy. So, he is trading Papa for the car, and Papa is getting the Scooter.
This works out pretty good. We will save a ton of money on gas, Mason will be able to take down his bed, and enough stuff to furnish his apartment plus his bike. He will be riding the bike more then driving the car since he lives close enough to the school, so he won't be wasting money on gas, or parking fees, etc. Plus, he is looking forward to his road trip and seeing his Uncle and Grandmother since they live on the I-5 corridor, which is what he will be traveling on down to AZ. He won't have to pay for hotels, except for in Eugene. Too bad he does not know anyone there!
Papa says that quite a few people at the Port ride scooters to work already. But, none of those are electric. I told him it is time they break the "addiction to gas" and get electric and hopefully they will when they see his shiny new scooter. These days it is not the luxury car that you drive that makes you "all that" but, it is how "green" you are.
What is really awesome about this is that we can ride this around our critters and not worry about it harming their environment or being too noisey. One more thing to help our area here! I can imagine how nice and quiet it is. I picked the perfect place right around the corner where I will take a picture of it when it arrives. We are so excited about our first electric powered vehicle, we can hardly wait to get an electric car to fit us both! It only takes one step at a time and before you know it, our world will be so much better and healthier for it. WE DID IT GUYS!! So, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, EVERYONE for all the support you gave us. You all ROCK!
Right now we are trying to work on our garage sale and raise money for Mason and Leah's trips.
I have been very ill the last few weeks, hence, no blogs! Hopefully I will be better soon and get back to business and start posting my crafts. I am still also working on my Disability and have heard back from our Senator. I hope to be writing about this soon along with the statistics I found out about how they have doubled the amount of declining applicants, even though the amount of applicants that applied has only gone up by very few. Makes you wonder, especially after the billions that are suppose to be earmarked for SSDI. Well, more about that later.
I hope everyone is having a great summer, and be sure to enter some contests, you never know when good luck will be on your side!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cancelled the Contest

I am sorry to take the Johnsoville Contest down. I am glad I, was able to do it with only one entry and not a TON! But, I owe a huge Thanks to Andria for taking the trouble to register and vote. It was a little hard to navigate!
I did so because I decided that I do not want my blog to go in this kind of direction. I like to post contests, but, I do not want to post contests so I win a contest. I did this once and was successful, but, after talking to others, I have decided that it does not create a fair playing field. I should have just "asked" folks to do it without a promising something in return. Besides, all these people do the work and only ONE person wins. I want to give EVERYONE that votes something!
And after talking to some friends about what my blog is suppose to be about, I knew that I should remove the contest.
I would rather have contests to promote my crafts instead. I have so many things I have made, yet I have so many other things to do around the house, kids, etc., before I can finish the next stages.
I still need to take pictures, figure prices, do finishing touches etc. so I can post them and then make even more projects to sell, since I know these will go fast. I have so many ideas in my head that I have the supplies for and need to get them started! But, I need to finish and get rid of what I have so far. (Fingers crossed) But, this is what my blog is suppose to be about along with being an DENSAHW (Disabled empty nester stay at home wife)
So, if you are looking for my post "Win a $50 Visa Card" and cannot find it, this is why. Contact me at if you have questions or want the link to vote anyway.But, I think letting it run its own course will be fine. I am sure if it deserves to win, it will. Just so happens it is called "Winnersville"! LOL!