Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cancelled the Contest

I am sorry to take the Johnsoville Contest down. I am glad I, was able to do it with only one entry and not a TON! But, I owe a huge Thanks to Andria for taking the trouble to register and vote. It was a little hard to navigate!
I did so because I decided that I do not want my blog to go in this kind of direction. I like to post contests, but, I do not want to post contests so I win a contest. I did this once and was successful, but, after talking to others, I have decided that it does not create a fair playing field. I should have just "asked" folks to do it without a promising something in return. Besides, all these people do the work and only ONE person wins. I want to give EVERYONE that votes something!
And after talking to some friends about what my blog is suppose to be about, I knew that I should remove the contest.
I would rather have contests to promote my crafts instead. I have so many things I have made, yet I have so many other things to do around the house, kids, etc., before I can finish the next stages.
I still need to take pictures, figure prices, do finishing touches etc. so I can post them and then make even more projects to sell, since I know these will go fast. I have so many ideas in my head that I have the supplies for and need to get them started! But, I need to finish and get rid of what I have so far. (Fingers crossed) But, this is what my blog is suppose to be about along with being an DENSAHW (Disabled empty nester stay at home wife)
So, if you are looking for my post "Win a $50 Visa Card" and cannot find it, this is why. Contact me at CUsmile@comcast.net if you have questions or want the link to vote anyway.But, I think letting it run its own course will be fine. I am sure if it deserves to win, it will. Just so happens it is called "Winnersville"! LOL!

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