Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friedrich Nietzsche

"The individual has always
had to struggle from being
overwhelmed by the tribe.
If you try it you will be
lonely often, and
sometimes frightened. But no
price is too high to pay for the
privilege of owning yourself."

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Let me tell thee,
time is a very precious gift
of God;
so precious that it's only given to us
moment by moment.
~Amelia Barr

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tess Gallaher

The past is not only that which happened, but also that which could have happened but, did not.
Kauai, Hawaii

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T.S. Elliot

Women live on MEMORIES.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Wins from 24Savvy, Thanks Cindy!

I am pretty sure I told you all about my Win on 24/Savvy!
I was excited to win them so I could give them to my daughter Leah for her birthday. (It was kinda a bad day for her)
I asked them to send me large. In the rules they said they would send the closest size to what ever we list....that is a joke.
They sent me extra-small sizes of 0-2.
My favorite WBFF also won, since there are 50 winners and she put down small since she wears a size 0-2. Guess what sizes she got?
So....I write to them...the is email below.
Basically they told me to send back ONE of the jackets.. then when I told them about the Black one, they said, send that one back too, and they would give me a WHOPPING 15% off of anything in their store! 
The way they inform me, you would think they were actually doing something.....nice?! Uh, no!
By the rules stated, they could have just said, "Too bad, so sad"
But, no, they want the prize back and then want me to spend Money at their store! Uh, NOT going to happen.
When I won a Contest through Amtrak, and you all might remember reading about this.
The sponsors who I told:  I was aware of the rules and was willing to forfeit, were adament that "You are the winner and YOU will be taking a trip!!" And I did. They paid for the plane fare and rental van to carry my scooter so I could see my daughter and meet her new husbands family for the first time. Again, thank you so much to the lovely ladies that worked so hard to make it happen. They even extended the time I got to use it in by 3 months! 
Then I come across this contest and site. OMGolly!
You know those kind of people or woman you see in the Movie, "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts and the Sales Ladies of the first store she went into and they said they don't have anything that would fit her, who were narcissistic, self absorbed opinionated, "its all about me", etc, etc type people you run across every once in a while?
LOL!! Well, each time they wrote, it was more and more revealing how not only were they not going to do anything, but, they wanted me to send the wins, (Jackets above) back, worth almost $400, and they would so generously offer me a WHOPPING 15% off at their website store!!!
Ok, if you don't see the narcissism and greed, and not LYAO, then I am sorry.  We come from a different world.

BTW, Thank you to Cindy, my WBFF, I am glad we could resolve our problems together. Thanks for Being there! You might want to scroll to the bottom which is the initial email that I recieved after notyfying them of the problems on their site. I did reply back after their last response, but, I don't want to print that. Might be rated a little "R" as far as being conservative goes. I had to try and see if there were more decent people out there like the ones I have written about before, especially for my daughter.
Here is my email and their response:

Start at the bottom, if you choose to read it. Just picture those two women in the shop in the movie "Pretty Woman"

Hi Michele,
We did not intend to mislead anyone and are disappointed that you feel this way, as we work very hard at making 24/Savvy a great experience for everyone involved. Please keep in mind that this a member-based, online community where we consider you a member and not a client.
The goal of 24/Savvy is to provide you with creative and inventive ways to live a smarter life. The weekly savvy giveaway is just one facet of the site that we provide as a perk.
You are welcome to send whichever blazer isn’t the correct size (or both) back in return for the 15% discount.
Please let us know if this is what you’d like to do.
Kind regards,
The 24/Savvy Team

I am going to post this on several blogs and networks, it is too funny to be true as well as so cheap I am sure they won't believe me!

Funny how you only wanted ONE jacket back and not both....when the black was smaller then the silver!
No thanks. Fortunately, I found someone else...who needed size 0-2 but, got size 6-8 instead! So, you screwed more then one "client" and we have been able to fix it ourselves.
Thanks for nothing....absolutely nothing.


From: []
Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 9:29 AM
To: Michele
Subject: RE: 24/Savvy APART Blazer giveaway

That is correct, savvy. You may keep what you receive or return the sequined blazer in exchange for a 15% discount at APART.
156 fifth avenue, penthouse 1
new york, ny 10010
work 212.343.8917
Fax 212.343.8916
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: 24/Savvy APART Blazer giveaway
From: "Michele"
Date: Wed, August 04, 2010 8:42 pm

I can keep what I have, that you have sent already.
Or send it back for a 15% discount?

From: [] Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2010 2:09 PM
Subject: 24/Savvy APART Blazer giveaway
Dear savvy,

We appreciate your participation in our weekly giveaway. Occasionally our sponsor brands do not have all the sizes available to fulfill our orders. We fulfill on a first-come, first-served bases, so in the event we run out of your requested size, we send the next closest available size. In this particular instance the size difference is substantial. Our sponsor brand has given us the option of offering you the blazer in the available size (maybe you can give it to someone as a gift) or offering you a 15% discount on your purchase from (good through September 30th). Should you choose to receive the 15% discount, we respectfully ask that you send back the sequined blazer.

We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause. Please let us know as soon as possible if you prefer to receive the blazer or the 15% discount.
Thank you,

The 24/Savvy Team


156 fifth avenue, penthouse 1

new york, ny 10010

work 212.343.8917

Fax 212.343.8916


My orginal contact with them was on their "Contact" page at their site, which is 
Yes, I guess being away from the world because of my disabilities has shielded me for a few years from dealing with people like this.
I usually find some wonderful people, and it is rare to come across websites or someone that dissapoints me because of their attitudes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Michele Lee and Her Husband Greg,took our Vacation!

Her name is "Michele Lee", her husbands name is "Greg" and she took the vacation I have been wanting to take my family on for decades now. She is also an artist. She has some great Photo's to see.
Click on her link to see what I have been wanting for decades and actually planning for a year now.
My first and middle name that I use on my Face Book account is Michele Lee and Papa's name is Greg, and I use to live on Kauai and worked as a freelance artist for 3 comtetitors there.
This is my "Dream Vacation"
Kinda Freaky when I read it. It was like someone was walking in my shoes!
Now that I have been starting to plan this Dream Vacation for my family about a year ago, this post was a perfect reminder of how wonderful it is going to be. Loved her pictures and I can't wait to take some myself! Sarah, I KNOW will be taking pictures!
This is all I have ever wanted to do and take the family. I keep hoping an opening will come up over there...somewhere..... so Greg can get a job. I also know how much better I will get being in the wonderful air and the healing energy this land has.
I remember how little clothes I owned..LOL, but, I promise to get ones with more fabric this time around.
I am trying to make sure we get there, then, all I have to do is convince them to never leave! LOL!
Do you think this is being to greedy of me to plane such a trip?
I don't want the kids to have to pay, but, I am sure they will want money of their own. So, costs all in all, is what I worry about most. I want all the kids and friends to come. But, how much will it cost these days to take 3 kids, post college and then their husband and friends. I know I can get a beautiful home that has lofts, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, lanai's for less the hotel and situated in a very nice place for about $1300 a week. Then there is the food costs and event costs. I would like to redo our vows. We had nothing for a wedding when we first got married. Just having the kids there would make it 3 times larger! But, in Kauai I know it will be more simpler. I would love to have a Luau. I need to find out how much that costs.
I know of lots of places to go for free, especially hiking back into the Napali Coast and Hanakapei...hope I am spelling it right...the Canyon, beaches. Doubt they have the water holes we use to go to in the middle of the cane fields. We had to climb out using the tree roots.
So, I wonder how much per person I should have for their food and fun. Then the wedding, Luau and emergencies of course. LOL!
Help is always appreciated. I want folks to go and never want to leave!
Here is another picure I found in my fav's.