Monday, May 26, 2008

Mason wins 800m in State, setting, school, district and State records

Video to follow once we are able to get it downloaded.
Mason has been running on a bad leg and was not able to out run his team mate Colin Flynns last blast from behind! Though Mason Still holds the state record time for the 1600m, Colin really was able to pull it out and speed past everyone for the win. Wait till you see it on video. It gave Sehome 18 points by having Colin in first and Mason in second.

The 800m gave the 17 points by having Mason in first and Colin in third. Mason set the state 2A time, not to mention district and school records. All this on a bad leg.

We are hoping to post videos this week, they are very exciting! Papa worked hard fighting a HUGE crowd. Ma was able to attend the first day, but, had to baby sit the dogs on the really hot day in the car. So sad!

Oh, here are some links to the Bellingham Herald and Tacoma Tribune that posted some good pictures. This will tide you over till the videos come.

Mariners rule 2A boys’ track

McHenry ready to run at state meet

It was a hard trip for us, since we had to take our precious pets with us. The first day was cold and windy, so we were ok that day, but, the next day was way to hot and sunny to leave them in the car.

The other bummer was that, being handicapped, the stadium had the elevator shut down. The only way to get up to the top was to climb the stairs which was devastating to my legs which gave out and I almost pulled Papa backwards. There was a very kind man standing on the crowded stairs that caught me…but, it was enough to put me and my husband in danger.

I cannot believe that the school would schedule a maintenance time during a huge event as this and cause me injury and Papa to nearly fall backwards from me holding on to him.
By the time we left it was useable, but, I can’t help but think who the brain fart was that thought this up or did not recognize this would be essential to have during a huge event as this. Thanks, a lot…my legs are still recouping from this! Tahoma High School gets a Failing mark for that one!!

Ok, so everyone look for the video’s to come!

We are still deciding Golden West Invitational, with his leg being injured…we will ask the ASU coaches and see. Gosh…would love to see that!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

800m District Finals May 2008

Sorry folks, I seem to be having problems with the 1600m video, I hope not this one also! Might be too long. I am checking into it. But, hopefully you will see the 800m and the controversial 4x400m videos with no problems. Email me or leave a comment if you are still having problems and I will continue to try!

Video's of the Finals in the 800m and 1600m.

Here is the finals for the 1600m at Districts at Cedarcrest High School. Mason’s time was 4:19.5 I think. Nathan Seely is on his back pretty much the whole race. Nathan always seems to ride Mason’s wind every race! If you watch most the video’s you will see this. Maybe this is why he fell in the 4x400, following to close? Mason set records for both the 1600m and 800m at Cedarcrest, but, they were only a year old and Mason was taking it easy because of his leg.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bizarre Outcome, causes Sehome their chance to run 4x400m at The State Championship

You watch the video and see if you can tell the difference whether the guy from Sehome (In Green) impeded the guy coming up from the back, also dressed in Green and yellow sides. IMHO, the Lynden runner did not come in contact with the runner from Sehome. I believe the Sehome would have shown some kind of sign he was hit or hit someone.

They tried to get the ref’s to look at the tape Papa filmed, but, it is against the rules. Sehome was DQ’d so this means they cannot run the 4x400m at State. They reran the race where Lynden, out of respect, carried the Sehome baton and won. So, Lynden will go to State this week but, not Sehome.

I am proud of my son and the other runners that seem to have a lot of respect for each other. I am proud to see them act as adults in the way they should which is to accept what happened and move on with no resentments or pomposity.

I am hoping to get a video of the 1600m that Mason won at districts soon. That is a long race, but, Mason did win that one too. Keep your eyes open!

I am trying to work on a photo collage for some friends of mine, some jewelry, knitting and doing some spring cleaning. Moving slow these days so expect me to be taking 5x longer at getting anything done here at the house, or anywhere else for that matter! One good thing, I will get my car back when the Maseman leaves for college this Summer.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another 28 year old Sub-district meet Record broken by the MaseMan

Mason sets a 152.46 time in the 800m at Sub-districts this past week. Another smooth and graceful race with Nathan Seely riding Mason's heels for almost the whole race.

Way to go Dude! I know he has been having a rough time with his injury to his leg so imagine my surprise and pride at how he was able to push this out for a win! I know once he is at his peak training point he will be one to be reckoned with. Watch out folks!

Sorry for the delays in posts, I have been having some hard times with a bug myself! I have a couple more video's for Districts that Mason ran yesterday, but, we have to have them uploaded to disc so I can post. He won the 1600m on Wednesday and the 800m on Friday. Unfortunatly there was a "Bizarre" ending in the 4x400 that DQ'd Sehome from running it at State. Here is the partial Article that was in the paper: Clink on the link below and you can see the whole article and comments from the puplic:

PREP TRACK: Bizarre events cost Sehome

On one hand: Sehome, Bellingham, Lynden, Blaine and Mount Baker each had athletes who performed as well as expected, and in some cases much better than expected.
On the other hand, the meet ended on a note that was part surreal, part disappointing and mostly confusing.
t was an ending that eventually cost Sehome the boys’ district team title.
During the second leg of the boys’ 4x400 relay — the meet’s final event — after the 100- meter mark of the leg, the top six runners cut from their respective lanes to the inside.
About 10 yards later, Lynden’s Nathan Seely took a nasty fall and was unable to find his baton for several seconds while each of the other teams stormed by.
By the time Seely got back to full speed, the Lions were a good 30 meters behind, far too much to make up on the last two legs.
Sehome, behind blistering legs by Colin Flynn and anchor Mason McHenry, won easily. But
officials huddled right away, and talk on the field was that Sehome was disqualified and the race would be run again without the Mariners.
McHenry won the 800-meter run in 1:52.66 to go with his victory in the 1,600 on Wednesday.

So sad, but, stuff happens and you got to roll with the punches.

Keep an eye out for another update of more video's from this Friday. The State meet is next Friday and Saturday at Tacoma. I am looking forward to this! It is always a thrill and we will be sure to share it with you all with video and pictures! Can't wait!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keep an eye out!

I have had some kind of bug this past week and apologize for not getting videos posted. But, I will have the video where Mason won the 800m heat and beat the 30+ year record for Civic Stadium very soon.
He has another District race tonight down in Duvall today and I am sure we will have video of that to com too. Maybe I will get them both posted soon!
So, keep an eye out, I hope they will be done here very soon. Still having problems with editing and being on the computer at all with the hand that does not like to follow directions!
I also hope to get some pictures of the flower and veggie baskets I got going. These are always so pretty and love to show off. Also found out how to take Macro Pics so pics of jewelry are coming soon too!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Windy Ridge Chronicles Contest

I sent everyone an email about this adorable site that should get all the attention it deserves. The style of days gone by for out kids are priceless. Not to mention, reasonably priced! So, most of you got the email, I am sure and I hope that you will enter and refer me so I can have an extra entry. Plus if you do the same, you will have just as much a chance and I would love to see you win. Windy Ridge Chronicles Click here to see the collection and enter the contest. I would post pictures, but, are just going to have to go and take a is worth it. Trust me, all the "ohs" and "ahhs" and "Oh, how adorable!" will be worth it!
Plus today is Papa and my 20th anniversary, it would be an extra special gift to us if you could do this for us. Gosh...I am so good at manipulating!
But, happy Anniversary to us and hope you all enjoy the site and hopefully one of us will win! We are off to Sub districts for Mason and then out to the Olive Garden to "carb up" the boy for his next race! It is all about the kids!
Thanks you all for your help and Good Luck to you too!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh, NO! What will I ever do?

It looks like I am going to have to do without my computer for a few days. This is a state of emergency...what will I ever do?
It seems something is wrong with the sound, sound card. I can play Videos loaded on the HD, but, not on the internet. It just sounds like alien skwak talk that is worse then nails on a chalkboard.
So, after trying everything we could to figure it out, we thought we would take it in for a diagnostic before we loose everything.
Who knows how long it will be. I just know that every morning will not be the same, since this is the usual time I am on the computer catching up with emails, working on the blog or entering contests. Oh, what is a lap-top-alic to do?
I will miss you all and pray I don't win a contest that requires me 48 hours to respond or I have to forfiet. Or a friend that needs my help and is wondering why I don't write back. Well, hopefully know that it is due to technical difficulties.
I am so dependant on this peice of equipment. For a disabled person, it is their link to the outside world, thier communication link, the game playing link, and my money maker!
So, if you all would pray everything is solved quickly and for as little money as possible, since we are broke trying to prepare for the last chick flying off to college, We would be so grateful! Prayer is always helpful!
To all that has signed up for updates, I am glad you are able to read this. I am not able to send out all the emails at this time.
Till then...have fun enjoying some pictures I have of some of the family that I could not darn cute for you all not to see!