Monday, May 26, 2008

Mason wins 800m in State, setting, school, district and State records

Video to follow once we are able to get it downloaded.
Mason has been running on a bad leg and was not able to out run his team mate Colin Flynns last blast from behind! Though Mason Still holds the state record time for the 1600m, Colin really was able to pull it out and speed past everyone for the win. Wait till you see it on video. It gave Sehome 18 points by having Colin in first and Mason in second.

The 800m gave the 17 points by having Mason in first and Colin in third. Mason set the state 2A time, not to mention district and school records. All this on a bad leg.

We are hoping to post videos this week, they are very exciting! Papa worked hard fighting a HUGE crowd. Ma was able to attend the first day, but, had to baby sit the dogs on the really hot day in the car. So sad!

Oh, here are some links to the Bellingham Herald and Tacoma Tribune that posted some good pictures. This will tide you over till the videos come.

Mariners rule 2A boys’ track

McHenry ready to run at state meet

It was a hard trip for us, since we had to take our precious pets with us. The first day was cold and windy, so we were ok that day, but, the next day was way to hot and sunny to leave them in the car.

The other bummer was that, being handicapped, the stadium had the elevator shut down. The only way to get up to the top was to climb the stairs which was devastating to my legs which gave out and I almost pulled Papa backwards. There was a very kind man standing on the crowded stairs that caught me…but, it was enough to put me and my husband in danger.

I cannot believe that the school would schedule a maintenance time during a huge event as this and cause me injury and Papa to nearly fall backwards from me holding on to him.
By the time we left it was useable, but, I can’t help but think who the brain fart was that thought this up or did not recognize this would be essential to have during a huge event as this. Thanks, a lot…my legs are still recouping from this! Tahoma High School gets a Failing mark for that one!!

Ok, so everyone look for the video’s to come!

We are still deciding Golden West Invitational, with his leg being injured…we will ask the ASU coaches and see. Gosh…would love to see that!

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danandmarsh said...

Wow once again, congratulations to Mason and the proud parents!!