Monday, May 19, 2008

Bizarre Outcome, causes Sehome their chance to run 4x400m at The State Championship

You watch the video and see if you can tell the difference whether the guy from Sehome (In Green) impeded the guy coming up from the back, also dressed in Green and yellow sides. IMHO, the Lynden runner did not come in contact with the runner from Sehome. I believe the Sehome would have shown some kind of sign he was hit or hit someone.

They tried to get the ref’s to look at the tape Papa filmed, but, it is against the rules. Sehome was DQ’d so this means they cannot run the 4x400m at State. They reran the race where Lynden, out of respect, carried the Sehome baton and won. So, Lynden will go to State this week but, not Sehome.

I am proud of my son and the other runners that seem to have a lot of respect for each other. I am proud to see them act as adults in the way they should which is to accept what happened and move on with no resentments or pomposity.

I am hoping to get a video of the 1600m that Mason won at districts soon. That is a long race, but, Mason did win that one too. Keep your eyes open!

I am trying to work on a photo collage for some friends of mine, some jewelry, knitting and doing some spring cleaning. Moving slow these days so expect me to be taking 5x longer at getting anything done here at the house, or anywhere else for that matter! One good thing, I will get my car back when the Maseman leaves for college this Summer.

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