Monday, December 22, 2008

Please vote for Pepe, he deserves it after having to stomp through all this snow!

Click on title to vote for Pepe, or copy and paste the web address above for our tiny little Chihuahua who has had a round time this past week due to the few feet of snow we got! We have been getting more and more and have to shovel even more snow and make up some socks for his tender little feet that seem to freeze within a few minutes.

Molly just goes at it, burying her nose in the snow sniffing all the deer smells who come to eat all the bird seed! We are going to try and get more pictures before it all leaves us, it is so beautiful.
But, for the time being...please vote for Pepe, he definitly deserves the trouble he has had to go through!

VHS to DVD 3.0, Found a Deal!

No, did not win!
Darn it! It is a must have for us and wanted to share an even better price I found for it!

I found a better deal on this great software at Costco!! At least $20 less, plus no shipping and handling since they have it in the store.

This has got to be a great gift for those Mom's and Dad's that have tons and tons of VHS tapes (Yep, we are in that group of people!) And want to preserve them.

Papa wanted to watch them yesterday, but, the last time we watched them we could tell that they were getting worn. We really need to transfer them before they bite the dust!

A great gift if you don't know what to get for the parents, or yourselfs!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

20+ years of Memories on Tapes we need to save, Hopefully with help from "Mom Most Traveled" before they are to old to save!

Mom Most Traveled is one of my favorite blogs I subscribe too. If you click on her blog it will take you to a contest I am sure most of you would want to participate in!!

She is giving away a VHS to DVD Deluxe 3.0.!! This nifty little gadget converts VHS, BETA and other analog video to DVD’s through your PC! HOW COOL IS THIS? Visit her site, by clicking VHS to DVD Deluxe 3.0 and there is tons of info she has there for you including links.

Mom Most Traveled Blog has all kinds of info about the software and a link to a YouTube Video’s that also include pretty much all 5 star ratings. Also, visit Honest Tech to not only view the product, that is well priced….Papa…but, also you can see other great products such as Easy Video Editor which would be a great thing to have since I have been trying to edit videos, and ummm…they just are not turning out like I want…in fact they turn out horrible! So, this would be another great gift or addition, especially if you are like me who tries hard to create great videos and fail miserably! One FABULOUS thing, which I am taking advantage of is that it has a FREE TRIAL! HELLO…FREE, I am so there.

If you are anything like us, you have drawers packed with VHS tapes with every Christmas, birthday, sports event, plays and vacations throughout the years. We have TONS! We keep saying we need to transfer them, but, do we get it done? One of those easily forgotten things to do, and then costly, so it is the last thing we think of doing since there are sooo many!!

Don’t worry kiddo’s, we erased all the spy shots I took!

I have to have one, I REALLY want to win one, since I know it will be a long time before we could buy the gadget.

During the holidays, it is one of our favorite things to do, spend hours and hours watching the kids from when they were babies to when they finally flew the nest. Even Sarah’s marriage and Mason’s winning and setting records in his State competitions. We even recorded the WHOLE play Leah starred in as “Scout” in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
We have so much fun, but, we can tell the tapes are getting worn out and have been limiting ourselves to watching them too much and keep saying we need to transfer. Hopefully the time is here!

That is it…gotta have one! If I don’t win, I want one for Christmas. It would probably be cheaper to buy then having someone do it for us.

One of you could win one too…just click here SAVE THE MEMORIES and you just might win one from CanCan at the Mom Most Traveled site. If you do…can I borrow??
So go, win, And if I win, I promise you can borrow it from us to!

Thanks Guys…and hopefully you will be seeing some cool video’s soon that I will create from our old VHS tapes!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

MythBuster Beauty, I was a winner!

I Won the Natures Minerals Giveaway from Mythbuster's Beauty!

I won a set of Natures minerals from the Body shop that included Mineral Foundation, Cheek color and Golden eye Color.

Having a drawer full of Mineral Makeup jars, even a sak full of samples I ordered right before I won, I can say, that drawer is empty, except for the 3 Jars of Natures Minerals.

I have been wearing it daily to see how it stacked up to all the others and can say, it passed the oil and sweat test with flying colors! I even learned about foiling on Jen's Mythbuster site when applying the sheer Olive wash eyecolor that has micro-glitter highlites, and it worked to perfection! I am not the glitter type gal, a little too mature for this, but, this is perfect for me and looks fabulous. If you do the foil technique, the glitter stays and does not go flying all over your cheeks! The color is beautiful, and I did not have to apply more after sweating a couple gallons the other day. When I went to check in the mirror, I patted off all the sweat and the makeup still looked like perfection! Oh, and did I mention the foundation has a SPF of 25? That makes it even better!

I was real pleased with the selection of colors, especially for my ever so pale skin. They had a beautiful cheek color that was not that deep, dark red clay color that most companies carry only one of. The one I picked was one that was just a kiss of color that made me look like I was not so washed out, or like a clown with the darker colors!

Papa is wondering why I have been looking so good lately! It is all for him since I don't get out as much as I would like. He is very pleased, but, of course he tells me daily how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. Make up or not. Such a great guy! But, he has said he is impressed with the new make up and that I don't look as "pasty" like I did using the others.

So, I suggest you all check out Jen's site, because not only does she have wonderful beauty tips, but, she also has some great giveaways. 2 must haves for us women!

I can't find the blog link I got regarding the Foiling, but, when I do I will post it. Or, email me and I will be glad to tell you how to do it.

Have fun gals..I know you will love this site!