Monday, December 22, 2008

Please vote for Pepe, he deserves it after having to stomp through all this snow!

Click on title to vote for Pepe, or copy and paste the web address above for our tiny little Chihuahua who has had a round time this past week due to the few feet of snow we got! We have been getting more and more and have to shovel even more snow and make up some socks for his tender little feet that seem to freeze within a few minutes.

Molly just goes at it, burying her nose in the snow sniffing all the deer smells who come to eat all the bird seed! We are going to try and get more pictures before it all leaves us, it is so beautiful.
But, for the time being...please vote for Pepe, he definitly deserves the trouble he has had to go through!


Sharla said...

I tried to vote but I guess it's over now. Sorry. I really enjoyed your comments on my blog, sounds like you're almost as crazy, if not as nerdy, as me. ;) You know what's funny? The background and layout you have is what I started with too. Hope to see you often. (well not literally, but you know what I mean)

Michele said...

Thanks for trying though!
I really need to update the site, been spending to much time with kids and holidays and crafts and trying to deal with our crazy weather!
But, I did just update with your site. Good luck and thanks for visiting!