Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh, so sore! But,oh,so happy!

Boy, moving has taken its toll and I cannot stress enough how happy we are to have bought this home instead of the one we were living in. The pain and agony was worth knowing that we ended up with a much better home, at a significant savings (almost 30K)

And also include having instant equity since we got it for a steal and even got them to reside the whole house at no cost to us. Even added more to the homes value.

Even when you see the pictures of both homes, knowing that the older home was being sold to us for 235K and the other at 200K, and them being only 4.5 miles apart, we got the better end of the deal.

The only thing was moving. Moving 3 times in as many years has really taken a toll. I am so happy to know that we have finally been able to get the financing done, and not be in another lease option with some not so honest or truthful folks I am VERY certain my happiness will aid in my quick recovery.
I look forward to doing up a landscaping plan and finding the deer resistant plants to put in the gardens so they grow and look fabulous without worry of the deer coming in and destroying them. We have deer EVERYWHERE here.

The pictures of the inside of the house show all the stuff we still have in boxes. I will take more when we get it all put away and cleaned up. I was able to find the sheer curtains at a Garage sale for 4 dollars! But, Papa and I want to come up with some plans on how we want to remodel and decorate. Gone are the days of buying to make due! Now we would like to have it how we both want it to look and feel. I can't wait to make my own curtains and decorating.

The first pictures are of the house we originally tried to purchase, The second set is of the new house I found by chance, on a site I never look at, and was able to get the sellers to accept even though they had 2 other deals on the table. Talk about the Lord always being there at the right time. I think that is why we had to go through what we went through the last 4 years..if we hadn't gone through what we did, we would never have been able to purchase the best home I have every lived in..ON ONE FLOOR!
Someone is always looking out for us and you will see how we really lucked out this time. We went through a LOT to get here. We are not going anywhere for a very long time.

We will be looking through a lot of decorating magizines to try and find how we want to decorate the rooms. First we have to save, get the fence and a few other priorities done. But, If anyone has any magazines with decorated rooms in them to look at, send them our way!


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danandmarsh said...

Oh yes very nice Michele. Glad you guys are happy! Bet you are excited about remodeling the way you want it now, huh? Congratulations!

Michele said...

Oh, yes we are. Looking at doing a cottage mediterranian look. I love what you guys did to Dan's house!
We are out in the yard much to do! And hard. But, after doing 1 total remodel on a home, we know the gratification of doing it ourselves and the PROFIT (%130). But, we are doing this one for us..since we will be here forever most likely.