Friday, September 12, 2008

Mason's ASU Profile

Click above to see the profile they posted on Mason at ASU.

Pretty cool!
He also was in the local newspaper again now that they are starting the Cross Country season.
Have not heard from him in a while. Ok..few days! It is hard not to know what he is doing daily and to poke our nose into everything he is doing and what time! Hard to let go for both of us. Though it is nice to have the house and cars all to ourselves, and much less laundry to do, dishes to clean, meals to make and tons more groceries to buy! We miss him very much, just like we do Sarah and Michael. The distance is what is so hard. You can't just drive even a few hours to see them.

Sarah and Michael won a beautiful diamond heart necklace worth 900 dollars this past week! Needless to say, I have been sending Michael lots of contests to enter. I remember my first big win was a diamond heart necklace, but, it was only worth a couple hundred. But, it took years of entering to win just that! Hopefully Michael will have better luck, that is if he catches the bug and enters the contests regularly.

I still have to plan our trip to see them with the Amtrak win I got. It is a long trip,but, will be so cool if we pick the best scenic routes. I received the picnic basket and blanket already, they are too cool! Not cheap at all! Dishes, cups and silverware for two and enough room for LOTS of food and the blanket. Click on the pictures to view larger images

I am recovering a little bit from all the work we have been doing with the house. I guess it catches up with you sooner or later, and I would rather recover then keep taking drugs to keep going. Plus I want to be spending time with Papa while he is home, then being burnt out on the couch!

Hopefully we will get the rest of the stuff out of storage and get some fall planting and preperations done. We have much to much stuff and need to really have a sale very soon. For all my good friends I will list some things here or tell you when I list stuff for sale.

We are going to have a washer and dryer set, very nice set, then a very nice laundry center that is a rolling cart with 3 seperate bags and a pole you could raise or lower to hang clothes. Here is a picture. I love it, but, have no where to keep it anymore. Besides, I don't have half the laundry I have to do anymore!

Sleeper Sofa, Chairs, Blue Willow Dishes and a lot of decor. I will start taking pictures here very soon. We have no room for it all! Plus, I just don't want a whole lot of clutter. You just have to clean it!
I want to send out a special thanks to my good Friend Kathy and her Mom. More for Kathy though since she does all the work. She has been clearing her moms land and bringing us perfectly sized wood for our fireplace and she even picked me up a huge bag of pine cones. Not only do I use them in crafts, but, they are perfect fire starters. If you have never tried them, you should. They work perfectly! Thank you so much, Kathy. You have done so much more also I want to thank you for. I know I am now 4 miles more away from you, but, I hope we can still get together the rare times we are able too!
Well, time for more rest and something to eat. I will post again soon!

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