Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank you Carogonza, and!

Has made me a Winner!!

Click on her site above to visit read reviews and Enter Contests!

I was so lucky to have entered a contest to a wonderful and now my favorite Home Furnishings Stores on the Web Called Click to visit and go shopping for thousands of great home furnishings.

It was very hard to find one thing I wanted since there was so much, so I decided that since we are going on vacation, I needed to stay within the budget and a couple dollars over. So, I did good and only went 4 dollars over which LRD credited me! What wonderful service is that?

I would tell you what I got, but, I can’t. It is a gift for my daughter and her Husband who we are going to go to see soon. It will be between both their birthdays so we are celebrating when we get there and I will give it to them then. I know Sarah will love it. Not sure about Michael, I do not know him very well since we live so far away and only met him once. But, I am sure they will enjoy it! It can be used anywhere, so it is versatile enough for them both to figure out the best way for them both to use it.

LRD has EVERYTHING! Living Room, Entertainment, Bedroom, Dining room, accent furniture, rugs, lighting, slipcovers, mirrors, screens, water fountains, vases, etc. And don’t worry about quality since they all come from Big Brand Names such as Broyhill, Distinction, Lexington, Stratford, Catnapper, Bauhaus, Wildon Home and more.. Understand my dilemma about making a choice? And guess what? Not only are the prices very reasonable, but shipping is FREE! HELLO….FREE!

But, I have to give Carolyn a huge THANK YOU for turning me on to the great site, plus giving me a chance to win the Gift Certificate!! You rock as well as your site! I am there almost daily, today I am hoping to enter some of the ones you listed for the spa, robe and slippers, etc. I can’t help but smile every time I see your button it is so cute! And most of you will see it on my side bar, it is the pink one with the girl who has her arms stretched out ready to give you a big hug!

I recommend to everyone to pay a visit to both sites and add them to your favorites or sign up for their newsletters. It is worth it to me and you know how I don’t like spam or useless emails. I swear you will not be sorry! Even if it is to get some good ideas on Decorating by looking at’s pictures, you will truly benefit.


Carolyn G said...

That is so sweet. Thanks for the shout out and thanks for visiting my site. I really appreciate all my readers and their support.

I am so glad you won!! I can't wait to see what you bought! YAY YOU!

Michele said...


I got it today, but, I am so bad at my measurements, there is NO way it will fit in my bag, so we will have to sent it to them tomorrow. I am sure it will get there before we arrive....

I am so excited!

cindy said...

Congratulations Michele!