Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can you tell we are excited?

We went to look up Yellow Jasper and its meaning. You know how stones have certain properties, energy? Well, I wanted to know what kind of energy it was going to bring into the house.
I found that it says that it is a strong protection gemstone, jasper sustains and supports during times of stress. It is one of the oldest known gemstones, is mentioned in the Bible several times and is a strong securing gemstone. It is a stability gemstone, a powerful protection against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional stresses, plus it channels positive energy.
How cool is this?? Just what we need right now! I hope it hurrys up and gets here! The gentleman that contacted me said it should arrive in a couple days. It is being shipped out of Seattle...90 miles away, so it should take no time at all! You can't tell I am excited can you!
I know that Leah,will love it! She was always cuddled up in our overstuffed chair growing up and looking at the Atlas books that were larger then her. She would grab the World Books to look up the different countries and I imagined the hours she spent in that chair, she was dreaming of, or astro projecting, traveling to all the different places she was finding and reading about. These times she spent in that chair were the only times she was the most still and most quiet. Since she has ADHD, I knew this was something she was hooked on since she could never sit still for anything, without, her little thin legs bouncing and twitching up and down, except for when she was looking at the books. She is going to want this left to her in my will! I imagine she will get lost in the globes beauty and again start to think of her goals of traveling the world again. LOL! Maybe when she does come back to us, the stones properties will bring her positive thoughts of being here.
That is a lot to ask from a stone! But, we can always pray!
I am very appreciative for this gift and cannot thank 1-WorkGlobe enough. Their globes are so beautiful and luxurious. You must visit and see the huge variety of Gemstone globes as well as other specialty Globes, kids globes, teaching aids, ballons, games, clocks,specialty gifts and they will even make you your own custom Globe! They have everything you can think of.
So, make sure to take time and visit and see all they have. You might find something for yourself or a gift for some one special. I looked up on ebay and internet for comparables, and 1- World Globe's prices are just as much as what I was finding on the internet and Ebay. A globe almost like mine, with a gold base and the same diameter was retailed at $600 and the were selling it for $279, plus S&H. So, it was actually more expensive then 1-WorkGlobe's price!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

LOOK at what I WON!

I have wanted one of these all my life since I first saw one in someones home as a young girl.
I believe then, since it was massive, they were extemely expensive. But, this was a luxury I could never afford, especially with kids.
Now they are gone and we get to have one!
I actually won the contest in June of '08! I hope it does not take as long for me to recieve it! But, they have the most beautiful globes on this site and I would go visit and just drool! Hoping one day I would be able to be extravegant for once and buy one that I did not find at some garage sale or Goodwill. LOL! You know me...if it is not on clearance or I can't find it at Goodwill...I did not buy it!
Anyway, they have a contest going on for a different globe which is a monthly drawing. It is a small gemstone globe in a Gold hand. If you like these as much as I do, visit the site by clicking on their banner above and Good Luck!
Thanks to Paul from World Globes and Maps!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to Enter for Sarah! You too Sarah!

She is having a great giveaway for Happy Panda Onsie's!
Just click the picture above!

We are getting Sarah and Michael's hope chest (closet) for MY grandbaby started and this would be an adorable addition!

So, I expect you all, grandma's, grandpa's, aunts and Uncles to sign up on Sharla's site and or, leave a comment for an entry. It is a really cool site and if you haven't seen it, then now is the time. I should let you know that I can tell if you leave a comment or not...he, he! You also will get to see a precious picture of the twins...er...onsies she is giving away!...Thanks to everyone.

Win...$1000 worth of Quality Knives!

• 7" Forged Duo-Edge Santoku Knife
• 6" Forged Boning Knife (Narrow)
• 4" Forged Paring Knife
• 12" Diamond Knife Sharpener
I know I am so past due for having some quality knives. Trying to use dull and cheap knives with weak arms and wrists has all but stopped me from cooking anything I have to cut, chop, slice, etc.
So, I am getting out the message for you all to enter, because if YOU win...I win!! So, click the link below and enter. It would be a great luxury to have for years to come
Win $1000 worth of Chef's Knives!
From FoodServiceWarehouse.com

Friday, January 16, 2009

Want $50 Bucks in CASH?

Then visit The Mom Nerb Blog and read a couple posts. There are other things to do for extra entries...but, you don't have to go searching for favorite products on another site.

She is a lot like me...scary. Trying to find her footing in the blogging world who, like myself, wants to talk about EVERYTHING, family, faith, and crafts. What to do...hummm! Another chatter box like myself...who cannot post a response with less then 500 words.

You can tell it has been a while since I have posted here. I am trying to figure out what to do, like she is...but, I have been crafting and spending time with the kids since they were home here for a month.

It is just me and Papa, plus the animals now. And then the last couple months have been nothing but drama and trama, (assualted, ripped off, son in a pickle, BIG pickle but, he is ok now) so I haven't really wanted to post, feeling like my life has turned upside down and confused about what I am doing and where I am going. These are things I can talk in general terms and need to vent about, but, I also want to start a new life with my disability doing my crafts and hopefully making a little income since I no longer work. And I want to have a life, outside the house, though I can't get out because of not being able to drive for now, or just saving money on gas and limiting my traveling out and about.

Being disabled...I live a lot through my computer and feel I can be a part of the outside world through the www. I have met wonderful people and found some great blogs. This one, The Mom Nerd, is one that seems to be my twin. I posted that we are "Twin Daughters of Different Mothers". Remember the album by Dan Folgelberg and Tim Wiseberg called "Twin Son's of Different Mothers"? But, not knowing her age...I might have dated myself and completely confused her!

The way she writes, I can hear her speak, and understand the dilemma of where she wants her blog to go and what she should concentrate on the most. Everywhere girl! Nothing wrong with talking about everything! Which you all know..I will talk about anything and everything also and cannot write a post or blog with less then 1000 characters. So, I found a similarity in her and what she was writing about.

Oh yeah...she is having a contest for cash! You can get more entries by posting on your blog about her and subscribing, etc. Which, if you like her and want her to succeed in gaining a follwoing of people that can relate to what she has to say and share stuff with, then you will be willing, like I am, to jump through the hoops, join her newsletters, blog, etc. The 50 bucks will be a bonus if you win, but, I think you will just be glad to find a down to earth lady who you will find as interesting as I did and most likely enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

So visit her site: The Mom Nerd...and start reading to enter and meet a great lady.
I had better post that this contest ends on 1-31-09, but, I bet she has more cool things going on, worth checking it out!