Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Man looking for marriage!

I have a friend that I have met on the WWW that would like to get married to an American woman.
I some info on him that I have been meaning to write down and post as well as pictures of him. Unfortunately, illness and time has gotten in the way of me doing ANYTHING on my blog or Facebook for some time.

I am getting back in the swing and wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will be composing and posting pictures of my friend, Babar, very soon.  He is praying to find someone soon, and I have let him down by not posting about him wanting to find a wife for too long now.

If anyone is intrested before I am able to post the bibliography and pictures, just let me know and I will be glad to forward your email to him to get things started.  I am praying for him that he will find that one person that the Good Lord has created just for him, whether it is here in America or another country.

Look for more info soon!

BTW, I also have pictures I will be posting soon and info on Mason's races now that he has started. (Even on a injured ankle.)

Till then, take care and stay warm in all these radical storms. 

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