Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Technical Difficulties?


Don't know what happened but, my blog decided to send out a bunch of old posts. Maybe it is because it feels they were not read by enough folks!

Anyway, I apologize. I did go in and delete a bunch of contest posts, so maybe it triggered something to send other posts around it or something.

Both Papa and I have been battling a bad cold for the last couple weeks. I was hoping to get another post in very soon, especially with some pictures of some jewelry and knitting I have been making and selling.

I think you all will be pleased.  I am having folks place orders from just seeing me wearing the products out in public.  So, I am hoping everyone else will agree and enjoy some of the great items.

As a little teazer, I wanted to show you a pair of gloves, size small, that I will be giving away before Christmas.  It would made a great gift to your favorite gal that will add some fun and warmth at the same time to her great style! Made from a blend of wool, silk and nylon.

Be sure to keep looking back, as soon as I am better, I will get more pictures and post the contest soon with some woderful other crafts.


MySentimentExactLee said...

Michele I really like those gloves. Too bad I live in Orlando and would have absolutely no use for them though. :(

Lee :)

Michele said...

Thanks Lee,

I have family in and around Orlando! The only family that do have pairs like it, Live by the Great Lakes and in the PNW...LOL!

I lived in Pensacola when I was younger (Gulf Breeze) when Daddy worked at the Base training pilots.

I am going to be making some nice light wieght silk, linen, cotton scarves and shrugs that would be perfect for Orlando. Especially when the family is out watching the football games on those cooler nights!

Time...always think I have more then I actually have!