Friday, November 6, 2009

Time for a RANT......

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best present I ever son Mason!

We all work hard to make sure we live responsibly and within our means. We also try to make sure we have a buffer just in case things happen. You now, the rainy day fund.

Well, we were doing pretty good. Even though we came close to not being able to afford the trip to Ohio when both our beautiful dogs had to be put down, we were still able to tap into some resources and with a lot of luck from the Good Lord, we were able to go. We always try to have resources to use in case of an emergency.

Now after a couple more set backs to where our rainy day funds are tapped, we find out that while Mason was in California running at the Pac-10 championships, his car, the one we had spent a lot of money on so he could have it to take to Arizona, was torn into by someone so they could steal the Catalytic Converter! Tearing it out they also destroyed 2 sensors that also need replacing!

This is going to be about $1000 after every thing is paid for!

From what I have found out on line from the website is:

Although catalytic converters have only small traces of the metals platinum, palladium and/or rhodium, stolen converters can be resold for up to $200 each to scrap-metal dealers. The units do not have serial numbers that can be used for tracking.

If this is a problem, especially a big one, don’t you think the city officials and law enforcement agencies would be doing something about this? Why would scrap metal dealers be buying the converters from anyone that is NOT a licensed mechanic or at least one that is attached to the car? It is like when people were stealing man hole covers and selling them. HELLO…where did it come from? You know that man hole cover was covering something!

Why is the city and law enforcement not making sure that buying these possibly stolen converters a crime so as to deter anyone from sliding under someone’s car and ripping it out? Not only does it cost the owner money, but, it can be dangerous: "On some of these cars, if that pipe gets cut off near some wiring or a fuel line or a gas tank-which in some cases are not shielded—there is a possibility of a fire and/or explosion."

First thing I am hoping Mason does is file a police report and inform the Apartment Complex. He should also find out if the Apartment complex holds any liability insurance when there is vandalism committed to personal property. Then, I told Papa and Mason to get the ALARM system back up and working. First though they should find out if the alarm would go off if someone tries to steal the converter again.

If Mason was living here. Maa would be getting a hold of all kinds of officials and scrap metal dealers. I would definitely mak sure that our community put a stop to this kind of theft, fast. It is hard as it is for College kids, or even folks like us who are trying to survive on a single small income to live responsibly without idiots stealing from us and getting away with it because our communities don’t do anything to stop it.

Have it happen to the officials, and they would do something I am sure. But, until enough people speak up and speak loud enough, we who try to live responsibly and morally are going to be done in by more small time crooks. Is it not enough we have been raked over the coals by the rich, but now we have to look out for the small time crooks that won’t hesitate to put your life in danger much less cause you huge financial hardship when you are just barely getting by.

I am so very proud of my son. He is the best birthday present I ever got. Yes, it is my birthday today and it is Mason’s tomorrow!

But, he has always been very responsible and determined to do what he wants and he will forgo any fun, or even having anything to open for Christmas just so that he can save and have what he truly wants. He has been saving his money for a trip to Japan next year, plus he had a rainy day fund if something happened. Something we have always tried to tell him was important to have.

And now he has to use it to fix the car! He was also planning a trip for Thanksgiving to see his grandparents in California. Now he can’t afford this either.

How bad do I feel right now? Can’t even imagine how horrible I feel that I cannot bail him out. All I can hope is that I can provide him with some funds later so he can replace what he lost. Something I will work on and that Papa for him this year.

It might be a while, but, we will. Until then I hope Mason reports this to the proper people and hopefully prevents it from happening to others. If it is a huge problem in his town I can only hope enough people get together to make a difference. I know there are a lot of students just barely getting by and for something like this to happen could really devastate someone. So, Mason, be like your ranting Maa, and stir the pot to prevent any further criminals from getting away with this!

Makes me so mad! I hope no one ever has to deal with this kind of theft, especially when they are already facing so many obstacles as it is these days.


cindy said...

Happy Birthday Michele!! Also say Happy Birthday to Mason!!

Michele said...

Thanks Girlfriend!

Momnerd said...

I can't believe I missed your birthday! I am so sorry! Happy Birthday! That is awful about Mason's car. It seems like everything happens at once, doesn't it? I hope you had a great birthday and that he's been able to figure out the car thing without paying out too much. And I'm so sorry he can't come visit you for Thanksgiving. :(