Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bullies, we are their creators

Our kids are what we teach them. Take a look around at what the adults, even our Pastors, Ministers, Politicians, and other powerful people are doing today. Especially when it comes to the disrespect and pure hatred being spewed by our politicians and the different parties. Radical religious groups, the rich complaining that the poor are the ones that need to pay more taxes, and cutting care or food for the poor because we want less government. Then, the parents that think they can bully other children for their children and think they are not doing anything wrong. The lines that adults will cross to try and cause emotional and physical: pain,  distress, slander, embarrassment and humiliation is out of control. The kind of hate for our leaders where people encourage their assassination, the people that threaten to stop the government from running at all if they don’t get their way or where we have radical church groups screaming that soldiers who died for us in battle are devils and screaming these men deserved to die at these soldiers funerals is what our kids see, every day, and what we encourage them to do. This is not even half of the hate they are witnessing on a daily basis.

We all seemed to have lost our sense of dignity and decorum as intelligent adults that belong to the most powerful nation in the world. It seems the people of this nation are getting more ignorant each day and the statistics show it in how our nation lags behind in education behind other countries. People are afraid to say what party they back for fear of retribution or being “bullied” or ridiculed for their beliefs. And most of what people are saying is the same thing little kids will say when picking on each another on a playground. Are we a nation of 2 year olds having temper tantrums and resorting to nothing but, threats and name calling?

I wish people would just stop the name calling and hatred and get to work to make this nation strong again by talking and voting on what the majority wants. It is called DEMOCRACY not INTOLERANCE…..we are who we decide we want to be. Are we divided by party? Or are we a United Nation? Can we not be civil and teach our children what pride is?

I can only vote for those that I believe will act in our countries best interests, what ever party you are in.  You better mind your manners for this gal. I am watching and becoming educated against a lot of peoples wishes. I guess keeping us stupid is their way of staying “in control”.

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