Monday, November 8, 2010

The Deer have come down from the hills....

We have our favorite Doe that we try and make sure we give an apple too and make sure she gets grain and fresh water. She is solitary except for lately she has had a young Buck with her.
Something is different with her back left ankle. It has a huge round growth. She favors it only a little but, we wonder if it is a break that healed wrong or not. It does not seem to be growing.
She usually will lay on the front lawn and wait for Papa and I to come sit on the porch. Then she gets up and walks towards us. If I point for her to go somewhere, she will go that way. She waits for me to "roll" the apple to her. Doesn't like it if I just put it on the ground!
We are hoping next year she brings her fawn(s) by.
But, it seems this week we had a whole herd visit the yard. 3 first year fawns, 2 Does, a Buck and then Solly came by later. I tried to take some pictures of them all while they were eating the grains but, it was too dark.
So I did my best to lighten up the photos. One of the fawns was pretty brave and would walk right up to me. Then there was a Male fawn...don't know what you call them! But, he was cute with his little bumps on the top of his head. He sured showed his smarts though when the adults, (teaching the kids how to be aggressive when hunting down food) were chasing off the fawns while they ate. The young buck came around the house and charged them from the front and scared off both Does and the was funny. He got to munch down untill the older deer figured it out.
I am still trying to get pictures of all the different birds and other critters but, they are hard unless I have the camera at all times. I really enjoy sitting out and watching and interacting with them all. Funny how they start to understand ya and even talk to ya, letting me know what they are needing.
Enjoy! Oh, and the cat is a Tom that loves to visit. Ashly does not like him.
But, he is a real lover. He also has fangs that hang out like a lion!
We named this stray Tom "Morris". Careful of those fangs!
Loves the cat nip bag!

You can see the young buck way to the left.
I couldn't get a picture with all 7 Deer together.

You can see the swollen left ankle on Solly.
Named after "Solitare" Think she is about 2.


Kait said...

wow! everything is so green!(remember, we dont have much "green" here lol!) that is amazing that the deer just come right up to your yard and hang out!

Michele said...

The little buck was very brave and would walk right up to me.

But, I would shoooo him back. Don't want him to get to friendly with people or me! Bad enough we have to worry about ticks!

Haven't seen them in a while. I think they have gone for warmer areas! Or they are hanging in the back yard with the food and salt lick.