Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Baaack!

This is Mason on the first lap.
Already out of breath.

Give me a little bit and I will be writing a post soon. We spent the weekend in Eugene, Oregon watching the PAC-10 Championships and drove home on Monday.
I just went through all the photos and Digitized them. I wish I would have taken some pictures of the great scenery while traveling since it was so beautiful, even from the freeway.
I did notice that in Oregon it is as green as Washington but, you have wide open spaces where you can see for miles with beautiful green plains and rolling hills, compared to Washington's, nothing but trees! It as if we are living in the rain forest! I think that is what I loved about Oregon when I lived there, the rolling green hills and wide open spaces.
It seems I might have brought back a case of what ever bug bit Mason these past few weeks. Of course it could be that the traveling just wore me out. But, I seem to have the headache and tummy ache Mason said he had at first. So, I am moving ever so slowly, even getting to unpacking my last bag!
At least coming back we did not experience a 3 hour delay due to traffic like we did when we went down on Friday. We made it home in record time and hit no traffic at all. Traveling at night is no fun. Can't see anything at all except lights, and unless you are going through the cities, you don't see a lot of those. I got up Monday, and could not hit the road fast enough. I love traveling in the early mornings as opposed to the humid evenings, especially when stuck in traffic going 10mph for 3 hours.
But, traveling and hotels do seem to take it out of you. Mason has regionals coming up the weekend after next. But, I do not think we will make it. And after seeing how ill Mason still is, I am not sure he will either. He did as well as we expected, and had some problems recovering at the finish line when he tried to catch his breath, so I am sure it is going to take a while to get him back into peek shape again. He has never come in less then 2nd place and to see him barely make the finish line was hard for a mom to watch. He says it is one thing to run while in pain, it is another when your lungs won't let you. Let us just hope he is seeing the doctor. He has not called us since Sunday...uh, hummm....Mason?
He did finish his meds, but, I think a chest film is necessary at this point. He had better be getting one or coach might be hearing from mom.
I did find out how to spell Mason's mumbling. You know how you ask your kids something and you have to ask them to repeat themselves because you did not understand one word except for maybe a "no" or "yeah"? Well, we sent a text to Mason asking him if he could spend the next day with us since he would not be racing and what time we could get together, have breakfast, etc.
The message we got back?
"Uh, nah, ineahne anha"
And he TELLS me all the time to "clean out my ears?" What, does my cell phone need to clean out or do I need to learn how to read a special "text language"?
This is a "Mumbling response in Text" from a freshman in College.
Now I know for sure, I do NOT need to clean out my ears and that you can actually spell out your "mumbling" in a text message.
He wrote this, I guess before he was actually awake. He did text us an hour later after we decided to go out for a walk and said, "come get me now to go to Breakfast." We were pretty much at his beckon call, or text. After getting him he let us know we only had about an hour before he had to go. But, he would meet up at the track later.
I guess since we have no heard from him in a couple days, a mumbling text is better then no text!
The Championship will be on TV this afternoon, so I might watch it. They most likely will not show the prelims, which Mason was in. But, we can watch the thrilling 5000m run we watched while there that Mason's team mate Brendon Bethke,won. If you saw the post where Flotrack did the "Work out Wednesday" you will see that Mason was practicing with Brendon. It was thrilling down to the last 10th of a second race! I was so sad we had forgot the camera that 2nd day. Especially since Mason's friend Garrett and his parents where there also. We got to see Garrett up close but, waved while I sat in Handicapped and they were waaaay up in the stands.
So, look for a new post soon. I promise more details. And more pictures. Hopefully it will be soon.


cindy said...

great picture of Mason!

Mason said...

haha, thats not what my text messaged said. :P your making up stuff. Plus, i think i asked if you guys wanted to go to breakfast. :)

Michele said...

I am so glad to see you reading my posts, son.
Please, correct my spelling for me and tell me EXACTLY how it went.
We would not want to get it wrong the next time.
Hope you are better by now for regionals. Call us.

danandmarsh said...

U guys funny! :) Hope you all feeling better