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I have finished organizing the topics into separate folders that are listed below my header so everyone can find their favorite subjects a lot easier!

will have home made crafts or home d├ęcor and garden items that have been restored or made from recycled materials. .
Crafts for sale or Barter

I am hoping to have quiltings, and other sewn clothes and projects, Handmade cards, jewelry, knitting, crocheting as well as paintings.

I want to create a place where people will have a one stop center to shop for their home and garden, some hot fashions for themselves and hopefully some great designer kids clothes!

I am searching for other crafters and artists that would also like to sell some of their crafts or art on consignment. If you are an artist working in any medium, I would be glad to talk to you about posting your items for sale.

Send me an email if you are interested in showing off your talents and want to make some money to by clicking on the “Contact Michele” button.

Keep you eyes open for the first items to hit the blog for sale soon. I will have a contest to kick off the opening of the “store”.

Just for fun will be for contests and giveaways that your can enter.

is going to be all about US. Plus some rants for those bad days/weeks and of course some strong opinions I am passionate about. Also I am going to talk about family and friends, and our quirks probably more then our any of our perfections. We are empty nesters and have kids in the other 3 corners of the states from where we are which is in the very corner of the PNW. It is full of adventures and pitfalls and even simultaneous crises moments we just recently had to endure! And then of course I have to keep everyone up to date on our renovations inside and outside of the house including updates on the gardens we are trying to fix up around the house. It is slow going with my disability, but, progress is being made! I don’t like to talk about my disability and illness but, you might here some rants about some of it. Especially the difficulties we have to go through with only one income, a kid in college, the red tape of the health care industry and insurance industry that can really send me on a rant!
Family Adventures

 will of course be mostly all about our son who is on a scholarship at ASU. He is a very talented middle distance runner that won 2 consecutive State titles as well as breaking school, invitational, and district records while in high school. Then in his first year at ASU he was ranked as 2nd fastest in the nation. But, a couple illnesses last year and this year set him back a little. But, he still did wonderful the first part of the indoor season. We have some video’s we have yet to post of some races, including a special “Kick of the Week” and an interview put on by Flotrack at the MPSF’s in Seattle. It is a must see. So look out for that to get posted soon now that I have gotten things organized!
Sports and Videos


Thanks Mason, my tech expert for helping me by setting up the new “Tabs” and showing me how to use them! You rock!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I know there aren’t very many members, but, I do treasure all of you that have hung in there with me. It has been a very rough year, but, I am still keeping my New Years Resolution to "Keep the faith".  Even though I am moving slower then before, I am getting things done. I am still keeping the faith that this will be a good successful year!  I do hope I can provide some great items for you to see and buy or even custom order, let you know of some great contests that you can win, have some giveaways of my own, and provide some great stories of our adventures at being empty nesters, and have some totally cool videos of a phe-nom runner!

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