Sunday, March 21, 2010

Most recent video's of Mason running Indoor Track

I know it has been a LOOONNNNG time since I have posted how Mason has been doing at school and in his track and field accomplishments.
He did very well this year, and he qualified to go to 2010 Indoor Nationals in Fayetteville, AR.  He had a cold and did not pass the preliminaries but, he did give it his best shot. He also had to run the DMR the next day, so that tired him even more.
 He flew straight home from AR to visit during Spring break for a week.  And it went by to fast, way to fast, especially for him. I was really glad he was here though since he got food poisening and had to be admitted to the hopital from severe dehydration, hyperkalemia, kidney failure, etc, etc.  He snapped back real fast after getting fluids and meds, but, you could tell he was not 100% while he was here. 
I feel bad he could not spend as much time with his friends and of course US. 

So...we want a
Bring him back!

Outdoor season is starting here soon and Nationals are going to be in Eugene, OR this year.  So of course we bought tickets and are planning to go. Hopefully he has gotten all those nasty little virus bugs out of his system and he will get his nutrition and training he needs to kick dust in the others faces.  Until then, enjoy the videos and get a look of what we are hoping he does in Outdoor Track.

Enjoy these video's! There are not long at all since it only shows the last part of the race.
Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

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Anonymous said...

While it may have not been all that warm at least it wasn't raining while he was here. Soon as he boarded the plane to go back to AZ, it started raining here in WA. I was glad he got to come home for a little while but you are right it was way too short of a visit.