Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Collecting on Paid school loans from decades ago that were PAID!

Mason, this is very important for you to know!!

Through exhaustive research and talking with governmental agencies, I have found that it is happening all over the country, to thousands of people. All I can say is keep all your paperwork regarding anything and everything dealing with federally insured student loans, mortgages, etc even if you paid better have the proof...even if it is more then 10 years old.

Though sites will tell you that you don't need to keep copies of your taxes or other records past 7-10 years. The government will STILL expect you to provide proof even if it is 20 years later!! You had better have all the receipts, and the info on the preparer of your taxes noted. Even with a mortgage, they are prosecuting agents and affiliates decades later due to the huge amount of fraud that went on and the lack of Federal agencies and manpower to stop it, thank you Former President, Bush. He pulled them all away and reassigned them to Homeland security.

I found out that they, The Department of Education (DOE) do not have to worry about any statute of limitations. They are exempt and can demand payment for a debt you paid unless you can prove you paid it, over 25, 30, 40 years ago! If you can’t prove it, you will be paying it again.

They can, and will take what they want, when they want, without a court order, and can tell you anything they will do to you without being accountable by the FDCAP. In fact, they don't even have to notify you, (as they haven't with us for 20 years), that they consider you in default and can post it on credit reports or "other" federal credit rating systems they have in place just like they have with insurance company ratings and Healthcare ratings without even notifying you!! They pull more then credit reports such as FHA, and Insurance reports now when you are trying to refinance your home. They leave nothing unturned.  

All these years, even when we were still paying on 2 other school loans through the same Lender. They NEVER contacted us of a default on the first 2 loans, (Probably because there was NO DEFAULT) and then started to add interest and penalties. Then the guy on the phone says he DID send us a letter, to an address we had not lived at for 7 years, and 9 years after we paid off all the loans, 11 years ago,  even though they had our new address since we were making our loan payments from there and we had the same phone number since moving to Bellingham in 1989!!

They have made it so easy to steal money you already much so that Zombie Collectors are able to get money you don't owe because your information is being sold, or obtained illegally! At first we thought it was an illegal Zombie collection agency that stole our information, because, after all, it was PAID!

Someone is trying to double dip illegally, hoping that we would be the type of people to not have records or the guts to fight the injustice. Little did we know, the injustice is in fact being done by our own Government! Oh, yeah, they are coming up with all kinds of ways to get money, even money you already paid 20- 40 years ago! And no matter what someone might say, it is not their job to make up laws as they go without going through the Legislature and being signed into law by the Pres or Gov. Even though it is stated that they need to contact us, and we have so many days to contact them back. They now say, they don't have to, since it is only a curtosey that they do it in the first place and so they are not obligated too.

But, governmental agencies are exempt from these laws and make up their own rules when it comes to collecting money from people. Even if they are wrong, they don't have to provide you with facts that you owe. YOU have to provide them with facts and evidence that you paid your bill, so save the last statement and check copy!!!! And even if you never did take out the loan and they got the wrong person. It is on you to prove that!

Do a search on the internet about the government demanding payment on school loans that were paid decades ago, and the amount of Zombie collection agencies that are doing the same thing and you will realize, they are indeed stealing money any way they can and making up the rules as they go so they can get it!

Thanks to the government that I had been hoping would change our nation for the better. But, who instead..... is stealing money anyway they can, from who ever they can and acting like the Mafia while they do it. Thanks from my family who have done all we could to survive on one salary after I became disabled and made it, without any help from the government! We did the responsible thing in order to survive, buy a home, send our child to college while the rest of the nation suffers from loosing their homes and jobs. We paid our bills, did what we could to keep out of debt. All the time while waiting for what was rightfully mine under the law and only given when I agreed to recieve less then what I was due!

How many people out there are being jerked around by the DOE? Thanks, U.S., for proving to me that I cannot trust the government I once had so much faith in to bring about the kind of change we needed. The government instead is raping its own citizens financially through departments that want to raise money and balance their budgets illegally. They are doing everything they can, even ignoring the legal, moral and ethical laws that are in place to protect us ( FDCPA) to get it!

I will add more soon.
Especially as I find out more about how many people are affected by this.

What I want to know is who was behind this bill and who made it so the DOE could seize assets without any court orders, including seizing professional licenses obtained by their educations. They are actually repossessing the education you received?!!
We are lucky. We have the information and proof that we do not owe them a dime! But, I am still worried that even though we have these documents, they will ask for something else that is totally obscure that we don't have.
We shall see. You know how one person tells you one thing then another person tells you something totally different. You think they would have it all written down on the internet somewhere?!

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