Friday, November 21, 2008

Delayed Post on Mason, AND delayed HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I do not know why a post that was written back in June was just now emailed out. I will chalk it up to technical difficulities!
He just celebrated his 19th birthday, right after my 47th and actually lived through it! We all know when they are far from home the will do things they otherwise woul not do! But, he is a good kid and has goals he is determined to reached. I am glad he has the discipline to go after what he wants
But, Mason is doing very well and is making the grades to be on the Honor Roll if he keeps it up for the next month! Even the class he thought he might fail he is doing really well in! We sent him a little care package for the Holiday and he was tickled, but, I hope he takes it easy since it is nothing but sweets!
Now, go study!

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