Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time Trials at ASU for Mason, with wings on his feet he is flying and making good time!

Mason had his first time trials for track at ASU this week for the 800m.

Remember that he had won and set a record at The State Champion Ship, but, running it in 1.52.46. And he dd this on a leg with a stress fracture!
Well, he called to let us know that his first timed trial time was 1.49 something. Every second is difficult! I think you need a 1.45 to qualify for the Olympicsk so he has his work cut out for him!
Congrats kiddo! Sending good vibes and asking the good Lord to put wings on your shoes to help you fly!
Oops, qualify for Olympic trials, you need a 1.47! There are points in there and on Mason's time...just can never remember.
Go Mason!

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danandmarsh said...

Think he already has wings on his shoes, think he just needs a larger size!! LoL, WTG Mason!