Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Dirty Shirt

Click on the title and you can enter for a chance to Win the Plugz from iFrogz, a leading developer of innovative accessories for the iPod and iPhone. While there check out her site and you will see she is a lot like all of us, super cool moms! She home schools her children while being a social networking butterfly. Well, probably better then me...shoot I could not even figure out how to add her or put her on my Technorati! Took me about an hour! LOL! That goes to show my networking skills are very much lacking!

But, also sign up for her Feed or email while there, lots of info you should not miss out on!

Then enter for Toxix, stereo headphones, from iFrogz.
Click the pictures!
Have fun and Lots of Luck to all!

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