Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Got to Make this easy, and oh, so good cassorole, Click here to vote and then Win!

Ok, I had to try her, Shrimp Stroganoff Casserole, it was so easy and had all our favorite things! Especially shrimp and broccoli. We also tried the Queso Chicken Black Bean & Rice Casserole cause it had all Papa's favorite things, but, he was not impressed. The others, with my disability..and the more ingredients, and more work, we were not wanting to try. I have to say that this gals recipe was the best for us and our tastes and need for ease!
So, if you find you like it too, Cast your vote then post on her blog for the
While visiting her site, My Wooden Spoon you have to check out her other great and easy recipe's, One being the Bacon Brunch Bites...going to have to try those for Thanksgiving, Christmas..OH, AND SUPERBOWL!
Have fun, and good luck!
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HURRY, End November 9th!

Reed & Barton Stainless Steel 103pc. Flatware Set valued at $150.00. choose between two below different patterns. "If you’re not familiar with the quality of Reed & Barton, click on this link. Have you heard of the ice cream test? This is where they take a regular spoon from their collection and scoop out ice cream that is hard and prove to you, the quality & stamina of the flatware. No bending or anything. It’s solid and will last you a lifetime!"


Naomi said...

happy birthday! sorry about your rib, hope you're up and about soon.

jealous you live in B'ham- used to go up all the time when I lived in Oly and Seattle. Great town.

Michele said...

Oh, thanks so much!

This has been a great recipe to make me feel better...comfort food!