Thursday, February 5, 2009

Betty's Belts Win, with a SURPRISE!

I am extremely tickled to have gotten my win from Betty’s Belts!
It is really nice to win the globe, but, that is not as fun as the Lariet and Bracelet that Donna sent for my monthly win! I can actually have FUN with this one!
And the big surprise!! I was only expeciting to get the Sula Lariet in turquoise, but, she also sent the matching bracelet I was in love with! Thank you! Thank You!

Gotta visit her site for some great down to earth bling!.
You know I don’t spend money on myself unless it is a need since I don’t work any longer, so when she sent the one thing I adored, I was ecstatic! It is nice to be able to wear the Lariat as a belt, choker, scarf, necklace, but, to have the cool bracelet to go with is even better!
Watch out…Hippie chick is stylin! It has been a while!
Thanks to Donna at Betty’s Belts. You all should stop by, I am sure you will find a few things you will like and then enter for her monthly giveaway. She rocks!
I could only find the bracelt in Black...but, just imagine it in a Turquiose! BEEEUUUTAHFULLL!


Momnerd said...

Wow, that's fantastic! And so generous of them too. That is one thing I've found is that so many of these small business owners are so generous. I want to see a picture of you wearing them!

Michele said...

Thanks Sharla!
It was VERY generous of them! I was to tickled for words and papa was looking at me like I had won the lotto!
I was thinking of having a contest to give it away and promote her mine...but, I do not have enough inventory to go and start selling and not a great writer these days to keep up anybodies interest. Even though my life is full of drama, I would rather talk about the good things! And I think the folks making the drama would be a bit upset if I talked about it. But, maybe drama is more interesting... and if you don't want people to know, then don't cause it! LOL!
Plus...I would have a hard time giving up such a cool bracelet, since I just love it! And it really matches when wearing it with the lariat. I have not decided so I still have the tag on it. Betty's belts deserves the kudo's! We will see if selfishness beats out giving kudo's to someone who deserves it most! LOL! Pray for me and my dilema!