Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please vote for Kitty Cat and all her hard work!

You do not have to sign up or anything. But, leave a comment below the message so I know who you are. It took me a couple months to finally get Kitty cat to learn how to use the potty, and she was a real trooper when I kept moving her litter box closer to the commode, then inside the commode and then took away the litter. She got the hint very easily! It is worth watching, even if you don't vote. It is not like I am going to win a huge prize! But, I think it will make you all smile! I am also posting the video to the site..if I can for all of you that do not want to go through the trouble. I am not a desperate woman for these kinds of contests.
Look soon for my post on Mason's first Division one race!

1 comment:

Sharla said...

LOL! Too cute! So does she know how to flush? ;) I voted!