Friday, February 20, 2009

Mommie with Cents Giveaway

Click here: The Mommie with Cents , to visit and enter to win an eenamaria handbag designed by Sarah Morgan. You will need to visit the eenamaria handbags website and find the bag you like to add to the contest form. There are so many very classic styles and colors and it is hard to choose. I am not telling you what I will have to find one for yourself. But, I was able to find other bags by different designers and found a Kenneth Cole Messenger bag to die for. Anything Kenneth Cole, rocks my world. Also, her prices are extremely affordable and not out of this world like most designer bags. But, I bet she could get away with charging more...shhhhh...
Also, Sarah Morgan and "eenamaria donates 10% profit of every bag sold, to Stoked Mentoring – a nonprofit for at risk youths that aims to provide opportunity, knowledge, experience and determination through the implementation of sports programs. Additionally, Sarah has begun working with a charity offering microloans to women who own their own businesses in Rwanda. Sarah’s desire to give back and offer a life full of opportunity and experiences can be seen in her company and in all of her work." According to The Mommie with Cents.
Anyway, time to visit The Mommie with Cents site to enter the contest, find other ways to save money and get some great deals.
She even Has our local Grocery store listed on her site! It use to be a one small grocery store we lived across the street from and now I think they have spread out to 2 or 3 states. My favorite store ever! Every time I have taken someone in there for the first time they fall in love and have to have breakfast there everyday or just stop in to find something new! Not to mention, I have been going to this grocery store since it was a single store across the street 21 years ago and have had some very bad personal experiences where Haggens’ personnel came to my rescue. Once it was on Thanksgiving day when my sister had just died and I needed medication refilled and my regular pharmacy was closed. They refilled my script, and let me come back a week later to give them the new script and pay for it. How many pharmacies would do that? The hospital pharmacy…where I WORKED would not even do it!
Anyone that has Haggen's on their site, is a smart site and will get my attention!
Sometimes it takes a giveaway to find these sites, and I would like to share them with you when I do find them. This is one of them. if you get a chance to win something you is a double bonus!
I know you want this is classic and it will be in style forever. It is a must have. So, go, enter and check out those deals!

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