Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Favorite Posts - Barking Mad Contest!

This is hard since I am down to using one arm and some of my other hand to type these days so bear with me. I really wanted you all to see my top favorite posts with video's and pictures and also, there is a method to my madness...enter to win a $250 GC From Barking Mad!
I am sure you all know which ones I would pick! They will definitly have to do with Mason's shocking success when he decided to quit Baseball in his Sophmore year, and run track.
My first is one of Mason's first races You will find it in the video bar on the left side. This was a video that was shown to the board at ASU which help Mason get 30% more in scholarship money. Plus it is just awesome to watch. Papa and I watch it almost weekly! This was the race that let us know he made the right decision when he decided to make the change.
My second was Mason's Picture on Front Page of our Local newspaper and the article was not even about him! I guess his face sells papers? Just like magizines that put George Cloony or Brad Pitt on the front to sell magazines.. in my dreams!
Third was Dreams Come true and Prayers are answered. It was a dramatic rollercoaster ride with obstacles that were popping up everywhere trying to keep Mason from going to College and our new home closing...but, we did it!
Then, number four is How scary was that? When we found out that Mason was running on a fractured leg, the last part of his season, but, still won State and broke records.
Then I have to say..my post Oh, so sore, but, Oh, So happy, has to be one of my top favs since this is when Papa and I bought the house that by the grace of god, we found, before we bought the other house that was much to costly and in very sad shape! It is truly a miracle on how we found it and we say everyday how much we love it. We will live here for the rest of our years and hopefully have the wonderful family reunions with the kids and grandkids in the years to come.
I am not the best writer, and still trying to find a path for my blog, but, I believe soon it will be what I want, which is to show off my crafts and art plus...keep everyone up to date on what my talented kids are doing. Wish me luck!
And don't forget to visit Barking Mad, she has a great website and is someone I think everyone can relate too!
Ok...it took a while but, I got it done..with one hand....I am good!


Sharla said...

I can't tell Michele.....do you maybe kind of like your son? I don't know, maybe you're kind of proud of him? I LOVE it! I'm going to be posting in this contest soon too, I hope!

Michele said...

You funny lady!
At least one was about our house!
Then wait till the grandkids!
Really can't wait to get my crafts, knitting on here.
Wish I had half your energy!

Sharla said...

Hey, you had twice as much energy in your hey day! Now's the time to chill and do what you want to do! Believe me, from talking to you I know you were always on the run and a very active family. Obviously! And of course I'm not going to stop commenting. What makes you less deserving than I? And I voted for you too!

Anonymous said...

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