Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Main Man

We are stuggling with which college to send our son too, or which Letter of Intent to sign.
It is hard when you want to send him to the best one, but, the cost is so much more then the others that are not as good a program.
When you see his talent, you want the best and will sacrifice anything to get them the best. Not sure if it is smart or not, but, it comes down to what is right for the child. Watch the video, and you will get an indication of his talent. This was taken last year. This year he has not lost a race. He is amazing to watch and as soon as Papa gets the other videos uploaded...get ready for more!
I worry of our future and finances with my disability, whether I will qualify for benefits or whether my crafts, knitting and jewelry making will help supplement his goals. We will see how this journey ends in 4 years. In the mean time, we will see how it goes and pray for the best.

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