Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today is the day, Mason is signing his "Letter of Intent" at the school with his coaches.

Papa will take the picture. I will let you know which school after they say I can. They are so secretive about these things, even on other forums and blogs folks are wondering where the Mason will go. Well you all will know soon.

It was hard, so hard, but, in the end it came down to what was "best" for our child. I think that we can squeeze out the money. Just tighten up the belt and cut back on some unnecessary things.
I guess I had better get back to entering sweeps, so that I can hopefully win some money. If I find anything I think you all would like to see or enter, and I am allowed to post it...I will be sure to post for you to enter too.

I have won some lovely things, just recently a very cozy and snuggly Robe by "No Feathers". The picture is above. It does not bring us any money, but, it brings things we need or want!
But, when I get my sweeps numbers up, then I can start in on making my crafts to sell and make some money too. It will be for Mason's mad money at school!
He had his track meet yesterday, was in the paper again today. I should post those. The video Papa took was great and I could see how worn out the man was from the sinus infection. But, he won all heets. Not great times. But, he won!
Talk at you all later!

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