Friday, March 28, 2008

Mason 's Choice and Doctors today

Enjoy this great picture of Mason as a you an indication on how much he likes having his picture taken. He was too busy for such nonsense....hurry up so I can get back to being a "Power Ranger"!

Well, can't tell ya where he decided to go to school yet. They are going to make the announcement in the Paper after they have a formal signing of Mason's Letter on Tuesday.

Can you all wait that long?

Off to doctor today and having a friend visit. I guess the sweeps will have to wait. I have one of the BEST doctors in the world. I know, I worked in the healthcare field, and being disabled and have Juvenile type diabetes, I have seen LOTS of them. So, I can say this with confidence. There are not many of these out there so when you get hold on and hope they NEVER retire.

I hardly ever have to I won't get much knitting done. And since Mason has a race today, I will have to make sure she does not take too long. She will turn what is usually a 10 minute follow up into a 1 hour follow up. Very thorough, and of course we get off track at times.
My husband came home one day, and complained that she did not feel his lymphnodes and only spent about 20 minutes with him! I told her, and so now she will always hug him when he leaves so he gets "his touch for his money". Oh, but, his other doctors...he was lucky to have to only wait 45 minutes to spend 5 minutes with the doctor who never touched him and then misdiagnosed him and scheduled a very risky surgery that the surgeons refused to do because it was so risky.
So, when you get a good doctor, you are very thankful and hold on. We got a letter yesterday that they are going to charge all the patients a membership fee of $50. Papa was upset and said he is going to another doctor. We are not rich, and have to watch or finances. It would cost us $150 because we all see her. And at this time, we just don't have it.
So, he wants him and Mason to see someone else. I have to remind him, we just got the letter, it might change, and we might get a family discount. Because she does not herd her patients in like cattle, or double and triple book so that you have to wait for an hour to see the doctor, it is worth it. She and other doctors only get about 15 to 20 dollars from insurance for follow up visits. Why do you think they are always rushed? The more they see...the more they make! And our doc spends at least a half hour with us, at LEAST.
Medicare pays pennies and she is one of the very few that even take on Medicare patients. Most all doctors in this town stopped seeing all Medicare patients. It was so bad the hospital had to open a clinic just for seniors!
She also, when my husband had to take a medication for a year and a half, gave him samples for the whole time!! Not once did he have to pay for a prescription! And she does the same for me. She gave me a card that pays for my co-pay on this medication I take monthly, so I don't have to pay for it!
I am saying she saves us that much and more each year in the extra time she spends with us, and the costs she saves us in medications. Expensive Medications!
So, would you pay? Try to get a family discount? Or would you search for another doctor?

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