Monday, March 31, 2008

Ultreo Sweeps, Brush good!

Click on the link below and you can have a chance to win and Ultreo! Ultreo takes power brushing where it’s never gone before. I am registered to win one for my son to take off to college, hoping this will help him care for his teeth, if we win! It would also be great for me, since aging is not so nice on your teeth!
But, I get extra entries and you could too, if you post to your blog also. Who would not want one?
Also, click on the "Free Loot for Mom's!" button on the right and enter other contests, get coupons and other free stuff! Who would not be interested in that? Someone that makes way more money then me! But, even still, you could just buy it! Something I would buy if I had the money!
I told you I would pass on some cool sweeps! This is a great one!

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