Thursday, April 3, 2008

BLAH! Been ill and no FUN!

OK, so the school is suppose to FINALLY be doing the formal signing today for the "Letter of Intent" to the College Mason has chosen. Seems someone kept forgetting to get it together. Hummm. Of course he already signed it and sent it back. But, the college wants a deal made of it. Not sure if it will be in the paper or not. We the parents are kept out of the loop on so many things!

I have been out with a sinus infection. Which is like have a migrain from h-e double l.
So, I am not writting much. Hurts to even look at the computer screen! So, bear with me as I get over this Sinus infection.
Mason is still undefeated and has a race in Renton this Saturday. LONG drive! The cost in gas alone is going to be about 50 bucks. That should be illegal! But, we gotta go, it is so important. Even if I can't, Papa will. He never misses a game, a meet...anything. He is ALWAYS there and when Mason was playing baseball, he kept the score and stats for both teams. I was NOT allowed to talk to him, especially when he had both books!
I am also still waiting for Papa to upload the videos of the races. He has been busy, but, it is like... I have to be patient and be quiet. Always afraid I will say something to embarrass him. After 18 years, what is it that I have done that is so bad to make them think I would do something to embarrass him? I guess everything and anything!
So, I am not the whacked out stage mom, you might thing I am, and could never be one since my kids won't let me. Shoot, I can't even tell you what school he is going to untill the formal announcement! And we are the ones paying for a hefty portion of his education! You think I would have the right to announce it to anyone I wanted!!
Ok, on a different subject, and on of my favorite subjects, I did WIN another sweepstakes. I will be sure to tell you all about it when I am able to. Hopefully, it won't take too long before I get it! So, if I can do it, you all can do it! So, enter, enter, enter. I have found some wonderful sites, friends and products by doing so. It is a win either way.
I can say, that like the "Robe" I won that is pictured below, this too will bring much comfort to my disabled body. These kind of prizes I really love. I have to bless the good Lord for sending me things that help me feel a little better!

PS...enjoy the picture of my Daughter that I did with the Microsoft Digital Program. I just love it. I have lots of fun with the program, especially when I can make myself look better!! I am having fun with fixing up the pictures and especially making up black and whites. I will have to post some of Papa too soon, my striking viking!

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