Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bedlington Twilight Invitational

Turn down the sound on the video to hear the music without the crowd.

Have fun watching this video of 1600 of Mason. It also includes Jonathan Lafler from Tahoma High School, who took 4th at the Cross Country Championships, Fall of 2007. If you notice going out the first lap, no one seemed to want to pass Mason. Josh Simpson, from Burlington-Edison High School, who came in 6th for 2A, the same year. Did not seem pleased at Mason's pace, and was telling Mason "I hate you, I hate you" as they were running the backside of the track. Funny!

Good race guys!

Last night Mason ran the Arnie Young Invitational and broke the met, stadium, and school records for the 800m dash. The school was his own. He is now listed on as number one in the country, but, is still not on Dyestate as number 4 in the nation. He was selected as the "Male Track Athlete of the Meet".

He did good and wish I was there to see it! But, long drive and not knowing the stadium set up, I could not risk it. But, Papa brought home the video and I will post that as soon as he gets it on CD. It is exciting to watch.

You can see him in the paper by clicking here: Bellingham Herald

His goal is to run a 152 to qualify for the Adidas Invitational in California in June. If he does, he is going on a trip and he will be able to see his Uncle, who is a great athlete himself as well as a trainer. So, he will be in excellant hands!

More Later!

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Jono Lafler said...

your son has so much potential and is going to do amazing things, i have a feeling he is yet to tap into his full potential just yet and when he does its going to be an amazing site to see