Monday, April 7, 2008

My family Rocks!

What a weekend!

Disability really is a pain in my social life. Cannot make appointments...period. Seems like I always have to cancel. I hate it when I cannot attend a meet of Mason's. But, so thankful Papa video tapes it so I can see it as soon as they get home!

Gotta write in a daily journal about it, the attornies say I should. It makes me realize how much I don't get done. But, what I should look at is what I DO get done instead. Hard to do when you have gone from such an active person all my life, working since the 3rd grade, to doing almost nothing, except the computer, some crafts and occasional housework.

What I am thankful for is my family and close friends. It has been so hard on them, but, they have been the ones to help me from sinking into the depths of depression for feeling useless.

So today I want to share some pictures of them, in their honor for all they do for me. All their encoragement and unconditional love they have for me. And lets not forget all the extra work they have to do, because I can't. Thanks, and I love you all!

Above is Sarah, my oldest with her new husband Michael, then there is Papa, AKA, Greg, the love of my life, and below of course, Mason, then my Brother who has been a great help to him and my youngest daughter Leah. Who is now a lot older then the Picture taken, but, she still looks the same!

I have so many pictures and as soon as I figure out how to do a slide show on here, I will make one. Until then, I guess we have to deal with the mess of how the get placed in the post! But, enjoy, getting to know the people in my life. They are all so special and have done wonderful things. As we go along, I hope I can tell you the stories about them that made them who they are today!

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