Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Island Life and the Fine art of Family Sweeps

You have to check out this site, An Island Life . I get her emails daily, probably because it brings back the memories of when I use to live there. It is nice to read her blogs and she also has contests! The contest she has going now is for a beautiful Image Case Necklace, worth up to $150 from The Fine Art of Family. You MUST see their site, it is full of wonderful treasures that I am sure will become coveted heirlooms for years to come. In fact...I am surprised it took me this long to find them and add them to my favorite jewelry sites list! So, you must go, check it out and enter the contest. I think you will become addicted to Kailani's site and also start bugging the man for an addition to your collection of heirlooms from the other. Gotta go and figure out how to get her button put on the blog. So much to little time!

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