Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shoreline Invite at Lakewood

Beautiful day for a race! Mason won the 1600m run in 4:12.56! So far this puts him as number 1 in the state and number 3 in the country for High Schools so far. He has dropped from number 4 in the 800m to number 7. But has not run the 800m in several weeks. His numbers at Shoreline qualifies him to participate in the Golden West Invitational in Sacramento this June!

He will have a great time staying with his Uncle Bob who is a Triathelete and use to be a sports trainer! I have a great picture of him when he was into body building. Yeah, I know..he is pretty ripped. Mason will be in good hands. Mason looks up to him as a mentor, though he is horrible at calling or texting like he should!

Anyway, here is another picture of my bro, take when he was younger, but, I believe he is still involved in doing triathalons, etc..I am sure he will help Mason along. Mason probably will not win, this is his first time competeing at the national level. But, this will be good for him. We are not sure what heat he will run yet. I am so excited for Mason and wish we could go and watch also. Well, at I wish that at least Papa could go so he can Video tape! Oh, wait, we can send the camera with Mason and Uncle Bob can take the videos! I live for watching the videos of the kids from when they were babies to now. They are memories that I truly treasure.

I have tons of pictures I would love to scan, put on disc and make flip books with. It is a good way to keep your pictures safe, especially if you get a fire Proof box to store them in. A lot of our pictures we would also like to pass onto the kids..but, keep! So, these would also make great gifts, and a way to keep them ourselves also, expecially when you can load them into picture frames and have the pictures change every few minutes, these are so cool.

I bet I hear from my girls about this! Especially Sarah. I think all kids start wanting family heirlooms and photos more as they get older. I know I do, and Sarah, since she is the oldest, has been telling me how important our family tree is to her. So I will have to make her something soon.

This is also a good way for families to come together, especially when everyone is so apart. Blogging has been great for our families and friends. It is good to hear how every one is doing lately and not worry about cell phone charges! LOL! Especially when I write novals for a text message!

We will be posting the 4x400m run that Mason also did at Shoreline as soon as we get it loaded. It seems that my sound (only the internet sound) is all weird since we loaded the software for copieing the video. So, we worked on trying to fix that for a long time yesterday! It is ok on other computers, just mine is screwy. So, bear with us as we try to fix this!.

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