Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Race for Mase

It has been a long couple weeks not being able to watch the Maseman participate in any races. Last week they had him throw the Javelin, which he had never…ever done before, not even in practice! But, he did better then a lot of kids that throw it all the time! But, not near as well as the best throwers. Javelin is not his thing! Sorry are so good at almost everything..except this! But, he had a great time and you could see all the guys trying to help him with his form before he threw, even from the other schools! This is the one thing I like about this part of the country...all the schools are very respectful of each other. They work together, and have fun together even in the toughest competitions!

So, he has not ran for a couple weeks. Since the Birger Solberg race. They cancelled the Eason Invitational due to 6 inches or so of SNOW! And of course, we need to make sure Mason is in solid shape to meet qualifying times. We are crossing our fingers. He will run this Saturday at the Shoreline Invite. Training is very crucial right now. He promised to make his targeted time on his Papa and Ma’s 20th Anniversary next week after at Sub-districts!

Yes..20 wild and wonderful years! Congrats to us for sticking it through, bad times, good times, sickness and health and KIDS!

It has been quiet around here and it does not help when I run a fever. That keeps me from keeping up with things. But, Papa got me a new tool that proved to help me get out and about, even with a fever and when I am having problems with my equilibrium.

It is called a “Hugo”, but, we named her “Karmin”. I would always get a cart in stores, but, when the cart got full, I could not push it and then be on my own hanging on to Papa so that I would not fall or get off balance as I would turn my head while walking.

I have to say that I resisted pretty hard about it. Even tried to get Mason to say he would be embarrassed to be seen with me using it. Didn’t work. And then after using it on a very bad day, with a fever of 101, and being able to sit when I needed and putting my usually heavy purse in the pouches, I found that this was a much needed friend to help me and my independence.

Though, it really helped that day, I should have stayed home since I was completely wasted afterwards! But, it worked so well at my worst, I know it is a keeper.

It is well suited for me, who has a condition that comprimises my balance. And since I have diminished arm strength and coordination, I don't have to lift it up and down, up and down, like you do a walker or cane. Plus I cannot lean on the hurts! I cannot stand for even short periods of time or kneel down to get to the bottom shelves in stores so now, I can sit for both. As sick as I was when I took it for its first test drive, I did much better then when I am well!

Now I just need to get over the obviousness of having a disease process that requires this kind of tool, especially when I am such a young, hot momma. NOT! But, I do plan to get out more on my own now that I do have it. I really am not that vain…just in denial. I am NOT taking it back!


danandmarsh said...

Hey glad to hear Carmen is really working out for you!! Go Momma! LOL!! Just what you needed. Hope all is well otherwise!!
All well here, thanks for stopping by girl, that was a surprise!
Miss ya

Joanie said...

Hey Girl - we are enjoying your new site and keeping up with you all in Washington with the kids and all. Looking forward to seeing you guys in July. Glad Carmen is helping you. It looks pretty jazzy to me! I bet we could even race.
Paul & Joanie