Sunday, March 30, 2008

Undefeated Still!

Well, has not lost a race yet! I did not go since it was raining, snowing and did not have good seating for a disables person to sit for 5 hours. But, I got to see the great video Papa took!

He is an awesome runner! Nothing in the Paper, but, the race went well into the evening so I imagine it will be a couple days.

He has decided he wants to do a national race instead of going to graduation. Wow. I want him to go, but, it is finding the money and where he will stay. He might be able to stay with uncle, but, not sure. Uncle Bob will do anything to support him and already has taken over the "trainer" role! He is experienced enough, so we don't mind at all.

But, I am not sure how close he lives to Sacremento. We will have to see.

This is the hard part, the College coaches are telling him he needs to participate in these events, yet it costs a lot of money.

Maybe we should find sponsors, I am not even sure that is legal! Ok, gotta go and make more stuff and try to sell it and make him some bucks! It is hard for folks that are even considered middle class to provide our kids with the best opportunities!

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