Tuesday, June 3, 2008

State Championship Videos

Mason gave it a good go for the 1600m race and came in second behind his teammate Colin Flynn. I have to admit I am so proud he was even able to run that long a race with his leg. Last year he was able to take first in the 1600m, to beat out the favored Isak Bergman, that is a good ending! So, I know he could have done it. But, he was able to take first place in the shorter 800m race the next day. So he is the State Champ this year in the 800m, and his school also won the State Championship also...GO MARINERS!

Thanks to Papa for editing the videos so they are not long and boring! I have yet to master this without obliterating the video!

Because of his leg, and with the ASU's advice, he won't be going to California for the Golden West Invitational. I am glad and I am sure going to graduation instead will be just as fun. Besides..we already bought the cap and gown! I am sure there will be some parties here and there. On Prom night he was the designated driver for a lot of kids which made me proud. He choose not to go...but, was there for his classmates and friends. I have a feeling he will be doing the same

Now we are on too ASU. This will be a great new adventure for him and I know he is looking forward to it. Mama and Papa too!

Enjoy the video's! There won't be any more, unless we travel to his events when he runs at the UofW!

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