Thursday, June 26, 2008

First night in 3 years!

I just slept like a rock for the first night in about 3 years.
I usually always get up at least twice a night from pain, get up, take some meds, then watch TV till I am able to fall asleep again.

Oh, how wonderful it feels to wake up and feel so refreshed! Even with a sinus infection headache I still feel I can conquer the day! Do I work outside, or in? Both? As long as I don't have to bend over I think I can do anything!
Sleep deprivation is so hard on a person's body causing all kinds of health problems. Heart disease, Diabetes, obesity, and on and on.
I have to remember what it was I did that helped me sleep so deeply...was it the mixed green salad with chicken breasts I had for dinner? It was soooo good! Papa made it with mescline greens, corn, raisens, onions, tomatos and sliced chicken breasts. It was so yummy!
I have heard that onions are helpful in being able to fall asleep quickly and deeply. Especially onions on a piece of whole grain bread. I am trying that again, sorry Papa, I will take a mint after, so my breath does not chase you away!

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