Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bam, Mason makes the Honor Roll!!

Wish we had pictures of his graduation to post, but, we will have to wait...we also have video of course!

It is a great way to finish out his school years making honor roll! The only other time was when he was in the 6th grade! It has been a struggle for him with all he had on his plate with the many different activities he was involved in. From, chess, to bowling, to cub scouts, to baseball, to running, to the Cello and I am sure I am missing something!

He was great in everything he did. But, I remember when it came to having to much to do and it interferring with school and I had to say....stop! And he gave up a couple things and it seemed to help. Though I know the teams he was on really missed him and he missed participating. There IS a time when there IS too much.

I got to take a look at his Year Book yesterday. It is so big! His pictures all came out great and we ordered a parent page also that came out very nice. In fact, this year it seems all the Parent Pages were very nice, except for the one where the parents put a picture of their daughter who lookied like she was 3-4 on the TOILET! Actually looks like she was half in with just her head and lets sticking out. Who would do that? Post a picture of your kid on the toilet..how embarrassing! It is cute..but, different then that of a kid in the bathtub...in my humble opinion.

Papa made up the Parent page for him. I hope you can see it ok. Click on the picture and you can see the full size version. There was also a full page picture of him in the track team section and he was voted with another young man as "Most likely to date a freshman?! From reading all the notes it looks like he rescued a lot of freshman girls by giving them rides at all hours of the night when they were in delicate conditions. Oh, so that is where he was always going late at night!! He was the rescuer and liked by many people. Living in Bellingam all his life, he knows quite a few kids.

Well, look for the video and pictures of his graduation and don't forget, I listed a couple contests you can enter! Someone Has to win!

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danandmarsh said...

Great going for Mason!!
Whew what a cutie, love the second one on the along the bottom!!