Friday, June 13, 2008

ALL-WHATCOM COUNTY BOYS' TRACK AND FIELD: McHenry ran to a record-setting finish

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I will try and scan the inside of the paper where there are a couple more pics and the coaches comment. The favorite part for us was the coaches quote in the hard copy paper that I don’t have at the moment. Papa has to have it so he can look at it as he moves around the house! LOL!

EDIT TO ADD: Coaches quote: Mason is the most gifted athlete I ever worked with. He graduates Sehome with School records in the 400m, 800m, 1600m, and holds 2A state meet records in the 800m and 1600m. In his 2 season of track he has established himself as not only one of the greatest middle distance runners in the state of Wa but one of the top in the country. His accomplishments and talents on the track along with his positive attitude and fun loving personality, will leave an incredible legacy. Jen Leita.

This article makes it hard for me to believe that the running club here in Whatcom County that awards scholarships to the best runners, awarded it to someone we heard, has less accomplishments in running then other runners in the county, much less Mason. We know not all applied. But, you can read it in the papers, online forums, blogs, etc that Mason’s record beats out the other runners in the County in all classes. Not to mention in the State.

It is NOT the fault of the other runner, in fact the runner that received the award is a great kid and said some wonderful things about Mason on how he would use Mason as his rabbit to do as well as he did. (Read about this in the Bellingham Herald Paper about the State championships) In fact he credits Mason for his success. But, the statistics that show him to be the best high School runner in Whatcom County, are not there. But, he does not control the clubs decision on the awarding of the scholarship and I do not want anyone to think I would place any blame on this very talented and mature runner, that I would hold it against him or even have the award taken from him at all.

Was the club going on some other type of criteria besides running? Did they change their guidelines on the athlete’s eligibility this past year? IF so, was it posted on the application or other materials? Was there something that my son did not fill out on the application?

Our understanding, from what others have said and the awards given in the previous years, this award was given to the Runner based on their merit as a runner and who also applied for the scholarship.

I have to say I am embarrassed that we don’t have answers as to how this happened by now. Only a denial letter that was unsigned and gave no reason why he was not chosen. It is a slap in the face to not only our son, but, to us, a single income family with a disabled parent that struggles to afford to send their son off to get the best education and training he can with the little bit of resources we have or will have. Everyday I work with the little bit that I have and can do, to try and get my son what he needs and, because I am so proud, I want him to have what he wants, also. Unfortunately, I am to stay out of it for now, so I am not able to contact anyone. We have to wait till the men take care of it, if they decide too.

I hope to get answers very soon so that I can post them here and let you all know. I am sure you all are as curious as we are as to what happened. It is not that I am someone that is biased, or hysterical that my ‘precious, do no wrong, most gorgeous, fastest runner in the world should get everything, and how dare you pass my son up type of person.

I know all of you that have tracked Mason’s career in High School Track, and KNOWS his talent and stats and that it is a fact that he is the best middle distance runner in the state as well as Whatcom County. If I am wrong, let me know.

I am just the auditor mom making sure my son, or our family get what we deserve. Like I said, I struggle for every little bit I can to get him what he needs.

Right now I am proud of my son for his accomplishments and hope he continues to excel in everything he does.

I have nothing but respect for the runner that we heard received the award. If it is in fact this runner, I know him as selfless contributor and representative of his home town and not to mention a true sportsman and competitor. There is nothing negative that anyone could ever say about him. We would NEVER expect that the award be withdrawn from him and we wish him well and all the success in reaching his goals.

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