Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Time to wish Papa and all fathers out there a very Happy Fathers Day.

Mason is so proud and lucky to have Papa as his father. All the love, support and sacrifices he gave and made to help support Mason in bad and good times as well as keeping Mason focused on his goals. helped to make this boy a better man. Not a Baseball game or track meet did he ever miss and Papa always did what ever he could to make sure we could afford Mason being able to attend camps, travel out of town and state for games and races, and made sure he did everything he could to prepare Mason in his goals. He made sure Mason was involved in everything he could which helped Mason realize what his future was to be. And Mason made it to be the best at what he loves to do, and wants to do. Without Papa, Mason was able to get his scholarship at a top notch college. Everything he did, was to love and support his child so he knew he was loved and supported, and encouraged him to be the happiest and best he could be and wants to be. Mason will be leaving in a couple months, and I am sure this will leave Papa with a big void in his heart and life.Not having Mason around, a track meet to attend or homework to help him with, I am sure this will drive him crazy! His job of raising his son is over, and now the job of advising Mason in his adulthood begins. A new adventure as a Father begins.

Happy Fathers day!
I also want to add that even though our girls are from other Dads, you have done and been everthing a dad would do and be to them just as you did your son. You adopted Leah when she was still in the womb and accepted Sarah on the first day. You are always doing things for them when the need it, even when they don't even ask. Leah has always known you to be her only Papa, forever. You showed all of us what a Papa and husband is suppose to be and hopefully they too, will have the type of relationship with their loved ones like we have and raise their kids to be ones they can be as proud of as we are of ours.

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StrikingViking said...

Thank you Momma!
But it isn't fair to bestow all the parental credit on me. You have been just as much an influence on Mason's life as I have. So in my opinion we make a pretty good team. And yes I will need to fill the voids in time with other things when Mason is gone but I plan on spending more time with my lovely wife.
Together Forever,