Monday, June 30, 2008

PREPS ALL-WHATCOM COUNTY PREPS: Boys’ athletes of the year finalists bios

Here is the picture they put in the Herald Paper, one of our favs!

Andrei Lintz, and Brady Bomber Both 3 sport athletes took 1st and second. But, they weren't picked for the best in their individual sports. Mason was the only one in his two sports, to be picked number one in both.

PREPS ALL-WHATCOM COUNTY PREPS: Boys’ athletes of the year finalists bios
MASON MCHENRY School: Sehome Year: Senior What he did: Won the Class 2A state championship in the 800- meter run and set a meet record with a winning time of 1:52.53 … Finished second in the 1,600 this year behind teammate Colin Flynn … Holds the 2A state meet record with the winning mark of 4:15.70 in 2007 … Led the Sehome boys to their second straight state championship … Finished seventh at the state cross country meet in 2007; the Mariners finished second behind Burlington-Edison … Will run at Arizona State University next year ... Was named The Bellingham Herald’s All-Whatcom County Runner of the Year in cross country and track and field. Coach’s quote: “Mason is the most gifted athlete I have ever worked with. In his two seasons of track, he has established himself as not only one of the greatest middle distance runners in the state of Washington but one of the top in the country. His accomplishments and talents on the track, along with his positive attitude and fun-loving personality, will leave an incredible legacy.” — Sehome track coach Jen Leita

Hard to believe that the Greater Bellingham Running Club denied Mason the award for the best runner in High School isn't it? I wrote to them and asked them why they awarded it to another athlete that had not half the acommplishments, but, have not yet gotten back to me to give me any reason's as to why he was not considered as the top runner in the County, much less the State.

The other athlete is a great kid and I congratulate him. I would never consider the award taken from him. He is a great kid. Not as talented, yes, but, a hard worker and who did his best and who Mason respects very much.

Now, with the NCAA taking so much time approving his transcripts and us getting the financing, we have no idea how we are going to afford getting him to ASU. Eash day it costs more and more money, which we cannot afford without me working. What a pickle. You get your son where he needs and wants to be, but cannot afford to send him. Talk about stress. Wish us luck, or if you want to help, you can hit the donate button.

I talked to the coach, who was at the Olympic Trials this week and finally found out when Mason has to be there. He needs to be there before the dorms open, so we will have to find a Hotel room for him also. No, I am not stressed at all! LOL! We ALL are.

We are very proud and hope he makes it to the Olympic Trials the next time. Looking at all the athletes he has a long way to go and lots of hard practice. Something he is good at. Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well that went fast!

Ok, it did not last long...I guess sinus infections don't like to to feel good for very long.
I got as far as taking Laundry out and now back to keeping head still and closing eyes as I type since it hurts to look at the screen.
To everyone out there with a sinus infection...I feel for you!!
Get better, Peace!

First night in 3 years!

I just slept like a rock for the first night in about 3 years.
I usually always get up at least twice a night from pain, get up, take some meds, then watch TV till I am able to fall asleep again.

Oh, how wonderful it feels to wake up and feel so refreshed! Even with a sinus infection headache I still feel I can conquer the day! Do I work outside, or in? Both? As long as I don't have to bend over I think I can do anything!
Sleep deprivation is so hard on a person's body causing all kinds of health problems. Heart disease, Diabetes, obesity, and on and on.
I have to remember what it was I did that helped me sleep so deeply...was it the mixed green salad with chicken breasts I had for dinner? It was soooo good! Papa made it with mescline greens, corn, raisens, onions, tomatos and sliced chicken breasts. It was so yummy!
I have heard that onions are helpful in being able to fall asleep quickly and deeply. Especially onions on a piece of whole grain bread. I am trying that again, sorry Papa, I will take a mint after, so my breath does not chase you away!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Time to wish Papa and all fathers out there a very Happy Fathers Day.

Mason is so proud and lucky to have Papa as his father. All the love, support and sacrifices he gave and made to help support Mason in bad and good times as well as keeping Mason focused on his goals. helped to make this boy a better man. Not a Baseball game or track meet did he ever miss and Papa always did what ever he could to make sure we could afford Mason being able to attend camps, travel out of town and state for games and races, and made sure he did everything he could to prepare Mason in his goals. He made sure Mason was involved in everything he could which helped Mason realize what his future was to be. And Mason made it to be the best at what he loves to do, and wants to do. Without Papa, Mason was able to get his scholarship at a top notch college. Everything he did, was to love and support his child so he knew he was loved and supported, and encouraged him to be the happiest and best he could be and wants to be. Mason will be leaving in a couple months, and I am sure this will leave Papa with a big void in his heart and life.Not having Mason around, a track meet to attend or homework to help him with, I am sure this will drive him crazy! His job of raising his son is over, and now the job of advising Mason in his adulthood begins. A new adventure as a Father begins.

Happy Fathers day!
I also want to add that even though our girls are from other Dads, you have done and been everthing a dad would do and be to them just as you did your son. You adopted Leah when she was still in the womb and accepted Sarah on the first day. You are always doing things for them when the need it, even when they don't even ask. Leah has always known you to be her only Papa, forever. You showed all of us what a Papa and husband is suppose to be and hopefully they too, will have the type of relationship with their loved ones like we have and raise their kids to be ones they can be as proud of as we are of ours.

Friday, June 13, 2008

ALL-WHATCOM COUNTY BOYS' TRACK AND FIELD: McHenry ran to a record-setting finish

Click the link above to read the online Article
Photo By:
MARK MALIJAN of THE BELLINGHAM HERALD Click photo for larger view.

I will try and scan the inside of the paper where there are a couple more pics and the coaches comment. The favorite part for us was the coaches quote in the hard copy paper that I don’t have at the moment. Papa has to have it so he can look at it as he moves around the house! LOL!

EDIT TO ADD: Coaches quote: Mason is the most gifted athlete I ever worked with. He graduates Sehome with School records in the 400m, 800m, 1600m, and holds 2A state meet records in the 800m and 1600m. In his 2 season of track he has established himself as not only one of the greatest middle distance runners in the state of Wa but one of the top in the country. His accomplishments and talents on the track along with his positive attitude and fun loving personality, will leave an incredible legacy. Jen Leita.

This article makes it hard for me to believe that the running club here in Whatcom County that awards scholarships to the best runners, awarded it to someone we heard, has less accomplishments in running then other runners in the county, much less Mason. We know not all applied. But, you can read it in the papers, online forums, blogs, etc that Mason’s record beats out the other runners in the County in all classes. Not to mention in the State.

It is NOT the fault of the other runner, in fact the runner that received the award is a great kid and said some wonderful things about Mason on how he would use Mason as his rabbit to do as well as he did. (Read about this in the Bellingham Herald Paper about the State championships) In fact he credits Mason for his success. But, the statistics that show him to be the best high School runner in Whatcom County, are not there. But, he does not control the clubs decision on the awarding of the scholarship and I do not want anyone to think I would place any blame on this very talented and mature runner, that I would hold it against him or even have the award taken from him at all.

Was the club going on some other type of criteria besides running? Did they change their guidelines on the athlete’s eligibility this past year? IF so, was it posted on the application or other materials? Was there something that my son did not fill out on the application?

Our understanding, from what others have said and the awards given in the previous years, this award was given to the Runner based on their merit as a runner and who also applied for the scholarship.

I have to say I am embarrassed that we don’t have answers as to how this happened by now. Only a denial letter that was unsigned and gave no reason why he was not chosen. It is a slap in the face to not only our son, but, to us, a single income family with a disabled parent that struggles to afford to send their son off to get the best education and training he can with the little bit of resources we have or will have. Everyday I work with the little bit that I have and can do, to try and get my son what he needs and, because I am so proud, I want him to have what he wants, also. Unfortunately, I am to stay out of it for now, so I am not able to contact anyone. We have to wait till the men take care of it, if they decide too.

I hope to get answers very soon so that I can post them here and let you all know. I am sure you all are as curious as we are as to what happened. It is not that I am someone that is biased, or hysterical that my ‘precious, do no wrong, most gorgeous, fastest runner in the world should get everything, and how dare you pass my son up type of person.

I know all of you that have tracked Mason’s career in High School Track, and KNOWS his talent and stats and that it is a fact that he is the best middle distance runner in the state as well as Whatcom County. If I am wrong, let me know.

I am just the auditor mom making sure my son, or our family get what we deserve. Like I said, I struggle for every little bit I can to get him what he needs.

Right now I am proud of my son for his accomplishments and hope he continues to excel in everything he does.

I have nothing but respect for the runner that we heard received the award. If it is in fact this runner, I know him as selfless contributor and representative of his home town and not to mention a true sportsman and competitor. There is nothing negative that anyone could ever say about him. We would NEVER expect that the award be withdrawn from him and we wish him well and all the success in reaching his goals.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bam, Mason makes the Honor Roll!!

Wish we had pictures of his graduation to post, but, we will have to wait...we also have video of course!

It is a great way to finish out his school years making honor roll! The only other time was when he was in the 6th grade! It has been a struggle for him with all he had on his plate with the many different activities he was involved in. From, chess, to bowling, to cub scouts, to baseball, to running, to the Cello and I am sure I am missing something!

He was great in everything he did. But, I remember when it came to having to much to do and it interferring with school and I had to say....stop! And he gave up a couple things and it seemed to help. Though I know the teams he was on really missed him and he missed participating. There IS a time when there IS too much.

I got to take a look at his Year Book yesterday. It is so big! His pictures all came out great and we ordered a parent page also that came out very nice. In fact, this year it seems all the Parent Pages were very nice, except for the one where the parents put a picture of their daughter who lookied like she was 3-4 on the TOILET! Actually looks like she was half in with just her head and lets sticking out. Who would do that? Post a picture of your kid on the embarrassing! It is cute..but, different then that of a kid in the my humble opinion.

Papa made up the Parent page for him. I hope you can see it ok. Click on the picture and you can see the full size version. There was also a full page picture of him in the track team section and he was voted with another young man as "Most likely to date a freshman?! From reading all the notes it looks like he rescued a lot of freshman girls by giving them rides at all hours of the night when they were in delicate conditions. Oh, so that is where he was always going late at night!! He was the rescuer and liked by many people. Living in Bellingam all his life, he knows quite a few kids.

Well, look for the video and pictures of his graduation and don't forget, I listed a couple contests you can enter! Someone Has to win!

Kitchenaid Giveaway by Rock Star Hair Bows!

Click below and go to the Rock Star site, follow the directions to win! I have always wanted one of these and even found one for 40 dollars in excellent condition at a garage sale. But, Papa would not let me buy...he regrets it now! One of these days I will get one! Maybe one of you will win! Good luck! If you are having problems getting to the site: Click here to win!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Win A Dyson!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mariner Champs Poster From Bellingham Herald!

Thought you all would like to see a picture of the Whole Gang! Click on the picture and it should take you to a link of the poster size...if not, click here:

Bellingham Herald Poster

State Championship Videos

Mason gave it a good go for the 1600m race and came in second behind his teammate Colin Flynn. I have to admit I am so proud he was even able to run that long a race with his leg. Last year he was able to take first in the 1600m, to beat out the favored Isak Bergman, that is a good ending! So, I know he could have done it. But, he was able to take first place in the shorter 800m race the next day. So he is the State Champ this year in the 800m, and his school also won the State Championship also...GO MARINERS!

Thanks to Papa for editing the videos so they are not long and boring! I have yet to master this without obliterating the video!

Because of his leg, and with the ASU's advice, he won't be going to California for the Golden West Invitational. I am glad and I am sure going to graduation instead will be just as fun. Besides..we already bought the cap and gown! I am sure there will be some parties here and there. On Prom night he was the designated driver for a lot of kids which made me proud. He choose not to go...but, was there for his classmates and friends. I have a feeling he will be doing the same

Now we are on too ASU. This will be a great new adventure for him and I know he is looking forward to it. Mama and Papa too!

Enjoy the video's! There won't be any more, unless we travel to his events when he runs at the UofW!

Monday, June 2, 2008

ASU Men, Women Capture NCAA West Region Track & Field Crowns

Go Sundevils!
Sun Devils automatically qualified 14 women's entries and seven men's to national meet!
I think Mason did good on picking ASU to continue his running career and get a top notch education.
We will really enjoy our trips to watch him race, especially against the Huskies!