Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ever Googled Yourself? You never know what Surprises are waiting for you.....

I have googled myself before. It must have been before I ever started blogging, because there were TONS of my comments left on blogs. OH, MY GOSH....EVERYTHING!! Glad I am not a troll that says stupid things just to get a rise out of people! Page after page after page of my comments for the whole world to see. Ha, ha!! At least they were nice things! I would hate to think I was saying horrible mean and disrespectful comments, oh, that would be so embarrassing!

You can tell most are from contests, others from blogs I like most, which I have listed on my side bar.

Then I came across a a Google account that said "CONGRATS!! Michele McHenry, you’re the winner of the Pulse convertible!"

What is a "Pulse Convertable" and when did I win it, and how come I have not gotten it yet?

"Michael?" I say to my computer. (I call my computer, Michael)
"Yes Michele?" my computer asks.
"Mouse down, stop, left click"
and the page opened where I found my name in huge bold letters....

CONGRATS!! Michele McHenry, you’re the winner of the Pulse convertible.
The contest is now closed.

I find that a contest I entered back in November of 2008 for a "Twisted Silver" piece of jewelry, had picked ME!! Oh, Oh, OH!! How many contests have I entered to win a piece of Twisted jewelry? I have lost count!! Why did they not notify me?
To say I LOVE their items is an understatement. It is my "hippy chick" style and I want almost every piece, especially their "7 Bracelet" and thier "Tangle Bangle"!!!

I could not find a place to email the web site owner, so I went to Twisted Silver and asked them, "Is it too late?" I see that Tina emailed me back...
"Yes, Michele?"
"Open Message!"
"Message open!"
and Tina writes "Oh, no not too late! Better late then never, right?"
I love their items. If I had a job, or disability, I would own a few pieces by now.
So, Tina asks me what color I want and to send my address, etc.
Yes Michele?
Reply to email.
Start dictation...and then I dictate all my info.
Stop dictation...
Dictation stopped, what can I do for you now?
Send email!
And off the email went!

I was so excited after especially after such a horrible week, and weekend and now a horrible day and evening. Even this morning would be better if I just go back to bed. But, I had to write this story first. Then I am going back to bed, yep, it is that bad!

The good lord decided to smile on me yesterday, which did not cure me or make all the horrible little green meanies go away. But, just a simple win, that I have wanted for a long time, brought joy into my otherwise painful, unproductive and wasted life!

So, I have to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Tina at Twisted Silver for making my life!! Yes, it is just a simple item, worth only $70, but, it is something that will make this woman feel like the woman I am or once was, a confident woman that feels like she might be beautiful, even if it is just for a few hours when I can wear it. It is invaluable to me. I hope one day to own a few more of her items...very soon!

Please visit their site: http://twisted-silver.com/ and have fun looking around at all the eclectic items they have. So original and so ME. I guess if you see their items you will get a good idea at what kind of style I have. Mom says I am a "Ubangee", I prefer, "Hippie Chick!"

So, stop by and take a look. If you get a chance, drop them a line to let them know how happy they made me in my otherwise dreary life! And buy something for yourself, or me, LOL!

And don't forget to Google your name one of these days, there might just be a surprise out there waiting for you too!!

Yes, Michele?
Stop Dictation!
Dictation stopped, what can I do for you now?


Sharla said...

Wow, that is SO cool!! I googled myself and didn't find anything as exciting. I did find a comment I had left on some breastfeeding site where I talked about green boobies so that was embarrassing. Oh, well, guess I'll be more careful what I say from now on! I want to see a picture of you wearing your necklace!

Michele said...

I still have to Google my screen names see you smile! I am afraid what I might find. Hopefully, I will be pleasantly surprised with another win!